Why Pushing is Dangerous at Birthing

Why Pushing is Dangerous at Birthing

Exactly what is the urge? It has many different names. It is also known as “foetal ejection reflex,” or the “spontaneous urge to bear down.” Basically, it is an uncontrollable urge to move and bear down so that the baby is delivered. It is a natural, but forceful feeling that you can’t stop. It happens almost automatically. This is when the mother to be should just pay attention to her body and move accordingly. This is the best thing to do if you want to experience a natural birth without any problems.

But many times, the birthing progression doesn’t flow as quickly as anticipated. You are fully dilated, but the urge to birth your baby hasn’t occurred as of yet. Many women get frustrated at this point, and they want to do whatever it takes to “get the baby out.” They want the labour to be over so that they can see and hold their beautiful little baby as soon as possible.

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Follow the Flow

However, understand what is happening at this stage of the birthing process. This is all a part of Mother Nature’s plan. There are plenty of steps that you have to go through during the birthing experience, and this is just one of them. Instead of being impatient and trying to push your baby out, this is when you should just relax and get some rest. Your baby is getting into the right position and making his way even further down the birth canal. Once again, pay attention to your body. The urge will come automatically when your baby is in the right position, and you can move based upon your body’s signals and cues.

The strange thing about this whole birthing process is that many people have a different viewpoint of what is supposed to happen. Television shows and the movies depict another scenario. Usually the woman is lying on her back. She is hooked up to various hospital monitors, and nurses and doctors are telling her when it is time to push.

Hypnobirthing Techniques

This is not what happens with hynobirthing because it is natural birthing process that doesn’t use medical intervention or medicine. Instead, you will know instinctively when to birth your baby because your body provides signs to follow on your own. This is something that you can learn by taking a hypnobirthing home study course. This is very important information for the mother to be who wants to experience a true natural birth without the need for medical intervention or drugs.

The Urge and Distractions

Now understand that you will never get the natural urge if you receive medical intervention from a hospital. The urge will be suppressed if you get an epidural, other medications or receive instructions from medical personnel on how to push your baby out. However, with the right hynobirthing techniques, you will learn how to naturally birth your baby the way that nature intended. There will be no need to push your baby out before he gets into the right position and come down the birth canal on his own.

Find out how you can deliver your baby naturally. Use hypnobirthing techniques that will help you to breathe your baby out naturally instead of pushing him out in a forceful manner. Please visit Hypnobirthing Hub for more important information.

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