What’s Your Birth Self-Talk

What’s Your Birth “Self Talk”?

Childbirth is a physical act, but the state of your birthing mind is just as important. The thoughts running through your mind before, during and after you give birth will largely determine how you interpret and remember this precious moment in your life. If you want to fully embrace this experience and cherish it forever, you must focus on two things:

  1. Transitioning your self talk so that it’s mostly positive and uplifting.
  2. Focusing on your life in the moment without expectations of perfection.

What Is Self Talk?

Your mind is constantly processing input from the exterior world, but it’s also processing thoughts that are self-directed. You essentially speak to yourself at an unconscious level. For example, if you can’t find a maternity dress that flatters your growing figure, you may tell yourself that you’ve gained too much weight. This produces self shame which lead you to experience negative emotions.

That’s the danger of self talk: the thoughts running through your head produce emotions and then transition into energy. Positive emotions will produce positive energy, and negative emotions will produce negative energy. This energy controls how you feel about your life experiences and can sabotage some of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Control Your Inner Voice

When you embrace the hypnobirthing mindset, you learn to control the conversation going on inside your head. It’s impossible to monitor every subconscious thought, but you will notice more of your self talk just by being aware that it’s happening. It’s happening at this very moment, and it will continue when you walk away from this and move on to the next activity of your day.

What’s Your Birth Self-Talk Infographics

Hypnobirthing Hub helps you flood your mind with positive self talk so that you can enjoy a fear-free birthing experience. When your mind is more positive, your attitude toward pregnancy and childbirth will become more positive as well. You may think that you’re overly emotional due to hormone fluctuations that are natural with pregnancy, but you’re about to learn that you have more control over those emotions than you think.

The Danger of Perfectionism

The moment you see the pink plus sign on the home pregnancy test or a doctor walks into the exam room and says “you’re going to have a baby,” the stress to live up to Super Woman expectations hits home. You feel pressured to make the right decisions for your baby from planning the delivery to decorating the nursery and deciding whether they will sleep in a crib or bassinet.

If you focus on perfectionism, you can destroy some of the most precious moments of your life. The hypnobirthing techniques allows you to focus on the beauties of the moment even when they aren’t exactly what you expected or planned. Rather than focusing on your expectations and holding out that yardstick to see how you measure up to other women, why not relax and just enjoy the process?

When you have the right birthing mindset, you can and will do just that. Adjust your self talk right now to focus on the beauties of your upcoming birth rather than expectations of your own or others.

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