What is HypnoBirthing?

Other childbirth programs tend to teach us how to cope with and manage pain. But did you know that it’s possible to tap into your body’s natural anesthetic abilities for a pain-free birth?

Hypnobirthing is based on the premise that a healthy woman will be able to give birth in a more comfortable manner, without pain and unnecessary interventions. Our goal is to focus on the joys of giving birth and positively looking forward to the big day. Like many women around the world, you can have a safe natural and often pain free childbirth.

young girl heading the sound of the baby in her mother's womb

HypnoBirthing can make any birth a positive experience

mother and child

Hypnobirthing is a child birthing method that prepares a woman for a calm, positive and natural birth without the need for unnecessary medical intervention, in all low-risk births. It focuses on educating and reminding women of how their bodies were designed for the birthing process. Through the reinforcement of proven and tested techniques, Hypnobirthing helps give mothers control over their birth.

Even if a birth does require medical intervention, then HypnoBirthing gives mothers all the tools and techniques to remain calm, focused and educated in how to have the most positive birth experience. HypnoBirthing in an essence is fear-free and empowered birthing. No matter how a birth ends up, with HypnoBirthing it will be a positive birth experience.

The Natural Way To Birth


Other childbirth programs tend to teach women how to cope with and manage pain, but it’s possible to tap into the body’s natural anesthetic abilities for a pain-free birth. Through our home study course, Hypnobirthing Hub will equip you with the tools and the know-how for a natural and pain-free childbirth of your own, just like we’ve done for countless women around the world.

Does Hypnobirthing Work For Everyone?


It’s very likely for you to have an easy and natural birth that’s free from pain. The goal of the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course is to prepare you for a calm and positive birth by providing you with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to make it possible. And it very much is—Hypnobirthing Hub has the highest rate of women who have experienced natural, pain-free births than any other course worldwide.

We’ve prepared an extensive course to help you have the serene and beautiful birth that you deserve. Visit our FAQs page to learn more, or send us an email at info@hypnobirthinghub.com for inquiries.