Video Reviews from Proud HypnoBirthing Hub Mamas.

Here are just a few of our HypnoBirthing Hub Mothers and fathers who wanted to share with you their amazing positive birth experiences. And nothing can inspire you more than empowering birth video reviews from women who completed our HypnoBirthing Hub Course.

We are so pleased to support nearly five hundred thousand women around the world, have a better and more positive birth experience, no matter what path their birth takes.

mother and baby

HypnoBirthing Hub Course gave Tina the birth of her dreams for four births!

How Jen has the easy, pain-free birth she hoped for with HypnoBirthing Hub

How Jenny overcame fear and anxiety in her pregnancy and birth

Michael and Maria’s medical birth helped with calming Hypnobirthing Tools

Olivia birthed without fear, anxiety or pain with HypnoBirthing Hub