Mike Aquileia Birth Stories

When things don’t go to plan, Hypnobirthing allows you to stay calm

“This is Michael, Maria’s husband. We just wanted to update you on our family. First off, everything is fine. We went in for a thirty-four week follow up ultrasound and the baby was small for that time frame. Turns out “a bit small” meant below where 3% of baby’s are at that time.

A follow up doctor’s appt to interpret the results led to us going to the hospital for a “day stay” monitoring at 35 weeks. Our appointment was at 11:00 am Thursday morning. After another ultrasound and a flurry of doctor activity, Michael Enrique was born via C-section at 2:20pm on 26th July. He weighed in at 1.8 kilos and measured 42 cm.

I did want to thank you though for everything we covered. Using the B.R.A.I.N technique really made us feel as we had a “say” and a better understanding of what decisions were being (quickly) made. A C-section was the opposite of how we wanted to deliver, but our little miracle would not have survived being in mom’s belly even just another hour and wasn’t strong enough for a vaginal birth.

Also, practicing our relaxation breathing techniques in class turned out to be extremely helpful. It really did calm us while hearing the doctors examine the final ultrasound, while they administered the epidural and during the operation.
Mom is already home and baby will be in the nursery for at least another couple of weeks.Thanks again!”

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