Olivia White, Waiheke Island Birth Stories

Overcoming fear and anxiety with a perfect Hypnobirthing birth

“I very much wanted a great birth, but I felt such a constant struggle between what I really wanted and what I thought would have to happen. I had this belief deep down that no matter what I thought or did, I still would end up with the same result, a long and painful birth. My fate was sealed; I couldn’t do anything about it.

There was this constant nagging in the back of my mind. Sometimes I felt it was a bit of a lost cause doing Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, as in the early days of study, I would read one of the Mother’s thoughts and feel great about my birth and then start to think, I may actually be one of those women, who have fantastic births. Yet, it was like I had this gremlin, taking control of my mind again and tell me that my birth will be nothing like theirs; it will be just horrible and painful.

I continued with the course and I am so glad I did! It made all the difference, I worked on my self-talk and often it felt as if I was forcing myself to be positive, like a battle raging in my mind. Yet with all the self-talk tips and the help of the releasing fears CD, I won the war! Yeah!!

I was quite surprised how fast it took; within a week I felt I had completely changed my thought process. I went through a whole day and by the end of it, I realised that I didn’t have any bad thoughts at all about birth; just a whole lot of good positive vibes flowing in. The best thing is, I was happier now than I have ever been.

I am so proud and happy to say, that I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Amelia on 6.03am on Sunday morning. The birth was just like my visualisation (the good ones). I can’t wait to tell everyone about Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, it made my birth the best experience of my life. Thanks so much for your help. I know without the course, I would have let that gremlin win for sure”.

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