Jen and Dunc Birth Stories

The baby came out easily with birth breathing and no pushing at all

“Hi Kathryn, Just wanted to say thanks again for such a great course. I had a perfect little baby boy on Tues 10th May 50cm, 3.365kg, after a very quick labour. Went to see midwife in the morning, and discussed my water birth plan and birth plan again. I had some signs labour was building with some more practice surges and the baby dropping with increased pressure.

Anyway, after the check I went from 1cm to 3cm and started some irregular practice surges varying from 20-10mins apart. At 1pm my waters broke, and I started having surges 2 minutes apart. I grabbed the iPod and started playing the hypnobirthing tracks, and told Dunc to drive me to the hospital since his dad was already at our place to look after Ollie. We got in the car, and I would tap on the dashboard to let Dunc know I was having another surge. Anyway, by the time we got to hospital I could feel the pressure of the baby and knew it was close.

I breathed through a surge in the lift, a surge at the delivery suite doors, and a surge at the nurses’ station. Before going to the room our midwife had prepared with the bath and I stepped straight in. I almost immediately felt the urge to breathe the baby down. I didn’t have the iPod in, but Dunc was behind me supporting me in the bath. Dunc and the midwife encouraged the birth breathing and letting my body bring him down. I breathed through maybe 3-4 surges, eating ice chips in between surges and Fin’s head was born about 10 minutes after getting in the bath. This time I really breathed his head out, I didn’t push. After his body was born, I caught him and brought him to my chest. We waited for the cord to stop before cutting it later and the placenta came away with little effort. Fin did a little grizzle but was so alert and interested in what was going on and so happy to have cuddles with mum and dad in the bath. Just magical!

I felt so in control and relaxed despite the quick time frame, and was so happy with the whole experience. Just amazing! Thanks again for all your help.”

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