Shrink Pregnancy Labour by 3 Hours

Shrink Pregnancy Labour by 3 Hours

The Hypnobirthing Home Study Course will explain how you can cut labour by 3 hours via active birthing. No one wants to experience a long and painful birthing experience. But by learning hypnobirthing techniques, it will increase your chances of experiencing a natural birth that is pain free, and it will have a shorter duration.

This is possible whenever you opt for an active birth. You’ll be able to control your body’s actions and reactions, and it can all be done without the need for doctors or nurses. The following are just a few reasons why active births are advantageous:

  • You can control your movements and move into the best birthing position. Moving into the right position will put the uterus at the right angle for birthing, and this will help to reduce your contractions.
  • The baby is not in any danger. By moving into the right position, your baby gets enough blood and oxygen flow to the placenta. If the baby does not experience any distress, there is no need to stray away from the natural birth process. You won’t be forced to undergo C-Section procedures. Also, there is less chance that something will go wrong.
  • You can expect a quicker delivery. By shunning many conventional birthing positions, such as lying flat on your back, you can reduce the amount of time spent in labor. The best way to do this is to keep changing your positions during labor.

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Learn the Best Birthing Positions

You’ll learn important information that goes against the conventional methods of childbirth. For example, did you know that lying on your back with your legs up is not an optimal way to bring a child into the world? Although this is position is used quite often by most medical personnel, it doesn’t accommodate the actual human birth canal. During the birthing process, the baby actually follows a very specific route.

When you lie on your back, this actually makes it harder to give birth because it reduces the amount of space that’s available in the pelvic area. As a result, the baby takes longer to go through the birthing canal. However, by learning optimal ways that follow the actual human birth canal such as sitting, kneeling or standing, it reduces labor time by as much as three hours.

Simple Birthing Resources

Even by using simple birthing resources such as stools, exercising balls, chairs and mats can greatly impact the birthing process. These tools help you into optimal positions that make it easier for the baby to travel down the birthing canal. These tools are there to help you deliver your baby naturally via hypnobirthing.

Basically, by taking the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course, you will discover that you can cut down your labor time by using a few simple techniques. Many of them are unconventional, but they are beneficial as well. For more information about hynobirthing, please visit Hypnobirthing Hub.

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