Rainbow relaxation for birth

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  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Rainbow Relaxation
  • T3 Birthing Relaxation
  • T4 Birth Partner Relax and be Confident


Complete Relaxation with the Rainbow Relaxation Download

Deep relaxation is the key to an easy birth and you will learn the unique tools to relax at the deepest level prior to birthing. Your birth partners have a track just for them, so they can support you effectively with knowledge and confidence on the big day.

To better prepare for the birth of your precious one, listen to this guided track that will help in relaxing not just your body, but your mind as well. Condition your entire being to quiet down, as you become fully aware of your senses.

Fear-Free Birth with Rainbow Relaxation Hypnobirthing

The Rainbow Relaxation MP3 for Hypnobirthing was created to tap into the Rainbow Energy Field. As the name suggests, rainbows are a thing of beauty that mesmerizes and bring positive vibes. They’re a symbol of Chakras, also known as the centers of energy that move within us. The Rainbow Relaxation was developed to help both mother and her partner to find complete balance within themselves.

This will help in visualizing the breath and energy that moves within the body, balancing hormones, circulatory and the nervous system. This will also aid in enhancing emotional healing and energy flow for optimal health.

Hypnobirthing Relaxation Music

Many couples have revealed that listening to this MP3 album has greatly helped in becoming more focused, putting balance in their spiritual, physical, and mental states to prepare for the beautiful birth of their child.

This Rainbow Relaxation Hypnobirthing track is an effective tool in achieving a natural, safe and comfortable birthing. Buy this guided relaxation for pregnancy today. This can also be fully integrated with our Best Hypnobirthing Home Study Course for a more amazing birthing journey.


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