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4 reviews for Hypnobirthing Home Study Course – Download

  1. Allison Beko

    Thank you! I love being able to do this from my own home with my husband. We have such a busy life with a growing farm/project house and blended family. We really needed an alternative to expensive and time consuming classes.

  2. Kathryn Clark

    Hi Allison,
    So glad you liked the course and having the course at home to go through in your own time is real bonus!

    Kathryn Clark

  3. Abbie Gladwin

    On April 30th at 3:08pm I had my second child but my first Hypnobirthing Hub baby. I am truly pleased and thrilled with my choice to use your program and birth my baby boy naturally with a midwife.
    Though I did not achieve the level of “peace” during the more intense stages of labor, I achieved what so many women do not get with hospital births laden with all the “help”. I would do it again, even though my labor was very intense, the reward on the other side was immeasurable. I did it, I tackled childbirth and feel so proud of my accomplishment. Your program is a must for all women in and out of hospitals. Thank you for putting this program out there for us women to find.

  4. Becca Jonston

    I just wanted to say a big thank you! I first downloaded your course in 2014 with my partner Ross and had a wonderful, calm, drug free natural birth into water. It was so amazing my daughter came to the crowning position and I didn’t even realise she was there until that point! Totally serene and easy. Total active labour approx 4 hours. I have just given birth to a son and also practiced a calm, natural Hypno and waterbirth here. I listened again to the Hypnobirthing Hub downloads, to prepare and again had a wonderful birth. Active labour less than two hours! Thanks again.

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