How to Prevent Tearing During the Pushing Phase of Labor

How to Prevent Tearing During the Pushing Phase of Labor

No one wants to experience painful childbirth. But there are hypnobirthing techniques that can make the birthing process less painful and better overall. The breathing baby out technique is used during the 2nd phase of labor. This phase is also known as the pushing stage. It encourages you to take deep breaths, which helps your vagina and perineum relax during this phrase.

Some women push for many hours during childbirth, and they eventually tire out and become frustrated. They feel like the pushing has all been done in vain. However, this is when the ability to relax is the most important.

Using the breathing baby out technique will not only make birthing more comfortable, but it will also make the average mother-to be feel like she has more control over childbirth. Most importantly, it guides the natural progression of birth.

The breathing baby out technique helps overall because it provides more oxygen for the baby. It also helps your body to relax naturally and stretch the way that nature intended. In the end, your body is more receptive to childbirth, which deters tearing during the pushing stage of labor. This is the biggest benefit of using hypnobirthing techniques.

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The breathing baby out technique is not taught in the average hypnobirthing home study course. It is not a traditional childbirth technique. Women in labor are normally told to hold their breath, push and count to ten. However, this makes many women tired, and it changes the natural rhythm of childbirth. Natural childbirth shouldn’t put restrictions on how the baby moves through the birthing canal.

Breathing Baby Out Steps

The breathing baby out technique encourages natural childbirth. This simple technique is easy to follow, and it involves taking the following steps:

  • Breathe deeply through your nose. You don’t have to count up or down at this point. Just take a deep breath.
  • Breathe out down your throat. At this point, count to 20 very quickly. Then, breathe out very slowly. Make sure that your mouth is closed because you must breathe down into your throat so that your baby can get the extra oxygen. Don’t worry about the time factor. It isn’t necessary to count exactly to 20. The most important thing is that you breathe in very deeply, and that you breathe out very slowly.
  • Relax as much as possible. Remember that the whole purpose of this exercise is to make your body relax during the pushing phase. This is so that the birthing process flows without a hitch. This won’t happen if your body is all tensed up.

All in all, the breathing baby out technique makes the birthing process more bearable. It follows the natural rhythm of your body. Breathe and relax. This helps during childbirth because it helps your body to relax, and this deters tearing.

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