Why You Need a Birth Plan

Why You Need a Birth Plan

Everyone will agree that a birth is something to prepare for. Like a party, an important dinner, or celebration, the day you bring your child into the world is a glorious moment, which is why many mums-to-be find making and using a birth plan an effective way to attain an amazing birthing experience.

What’s a birth plan?

Simply put, a birth plan is a sketch or arrangement of things you would want to happen on your birthing day. A birth plan is flexible and considers many factors that might arise during complications. While there is no set for Birth Plan Template around the world, most mums-to-be include these in their plans:

  • Your birthing preferences
  • The medical support you need or want
  • Monitoring exams
  • Birthing positions
  • Birthing environment
  • Movement in birthing

There are still other factors to consider when making a birth plan. The Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course has an impressive overview of the things you should include, a Birth Preferences Example, and specific checklists that will help you achieve an amazing birthing experience the way you want it.

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Why do you need a birth plan?

While a birth plan is not a requirement for birthing, it is highly recommended to have one. A birth plan will help you exercise control over your birth. Gone are the days where an expecting mother will hand over the entire procedure to strangers. You can consult your OB or your midwife in designing a birth plan where your wishes are in sync with the best available birthing option open for you.

Molly Jones, a midwife from the Unites States, gives three reasons in the Home Study Course manual why she recommends birth plans to expecting parents. She states that she likes birth plans because they “show the women that they do have a choice in things … a lot of women still assume they have to do whatever they’re told.”

What will you do with your birth plan?

When planning your birthing day guide, you will need to have a talk with your doctor early into your pregnancy to inform them about your plans, philosophy, and wishes. It’s also very important to meet up and inform the medical staff that you have chosen to assist your birth.

It’s important to be as specific as you can in your birth plan, and to have medical support from people who understand and agree with your birthing preferences. Your partner can meet up with a new midwife and inform her of the birth plan.

A birth plan, though, is not set in stone. It can help your partner consciously make changes in case of medical interventions. At Hypnobirthing Hub, we encourage you to use your brain. When there is a sudden need to change your plans, you need to think about: Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, and Nothing (at least for a while).

How can hypnobirthing help you design a great birth plan?

Hypnobirthing incorporates the use of self-hypnosis to help you create a positive atmosphere before, during, and after childbirth.

With lessons from our Hypnobirthing Classes at Manly or our Home Study Course, you will be able to create a better and more efficient birth plan, using our audio tracks for relaxation, proper breathing techniques, and positive visualization methods for complications and surges.

A birthing plan can help your birth become a highly anticipated event with positively-charged optimism instead of an anxiety-filled roller coaster. With a birth plan, you will fully be able to experience an unforgettable birthing day.

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