Natural Methods of Induction

Natural Methods of Induction You Need to Learn About Now

Giving birth is one of the most anticipated and exciting moments in a woman’s life. It’s the moment you meet the newest member of your family. While most times you have your delivery dates pegged, there are also times when you have to deliver your baby earlier than planned.

Nothing in life is certain and, even with a birth plan, you will encounter concerns that will force you to change your plans. Sometimes, unexpected things will happen – like when your doctor suddenly tells that you will need to have an induction.

There can be a variety of reasons for an induction. Medical concerns will sometimes require expecting mothers to induce their labour through artificial or natural means. Some of the reasons for having an induction are:

  • baby growth restrictions
  • a large baby (be careful how valid this actually is)
  • placenta dysfunction
  • bleeding in late pregnancy
  • cholestasis of pregnancy
  • mother’s high blood pressure

The Hypnobirthing Classes Online gives a comprehensive list of medical concerns that would require you to have an induction.

Aside from medical reasons, you might need an induction due to time constraints and social reasons. For many of us, we have obstetricians who have helped deliver our babies into the world. We trust them completely and they know our birthing preferences and have committed our birthing plan to heart. Imagine how anxious you’ll be if your doctor has to up and leave!

One of our then expecting mothers, Donna Switzer, a mother from New York, needed an induction because her obstetrician would be on an unexpected holiday trip. Donna didn’t want another doctor helping her birth her baby, so her obstetrician recommended her to get an induction.

Donna already had her preferences and hypnobirthing birth plan for her labour, but the unexpected news threw a wrench in her plans. Because she was more comfortable with her doctor who was there for her other births, Donna agreed to an induced labour.

At thirty-seven weeks, Donna gave birth to her baby, Grace, through natural induction methods with her obstetrician’s help, while using the hypnobirthing techniques she learned from the Hypnobirthing Hub.

Artificial Methods of Induction

Not all cases are like Donna’s, though. Inductions can be drawn out, taking a few hours or even a few days. This long birth might make you stressful and anxious. When an artificial or medical force is used on your body to induce labour, you will feel more uncomfortable, stressed, and tired.

Labour can be induced through medical intervention using chemicals and synthetic hormones injected into your system. In one instance, the medical staff will give you Prostaglandin vaginal suppositories, as well as synthetic love hormones to trigger your birth.

At times, your doctor might suggest artificial rupturing of your membrane or amniotic sac. When your membrane ruptures, the prostaglandin production increases. This can trigger earlier labour and quicken birth, but it also poses great risk of infection.

But if it’s risky, should you still go for an induction? Fortunately, there are natural methods you can use to induce labour. It will make your birth easier and safer.

Our Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course can show you natural methods of induction that can trigger your birth without harming you or your baby.

Natural Methods of Induction

Some women start these treatments after forty weeks. It is, therefore, vital to have Your Birthing Day Guide, and to consult your doctor or your midwife on the most appropriate induction method to use for your labour.

Acupuncture induction is believed to involve simulation of the uterus caused by changes in the hormones or nerves. While acupuncture is sometimes used to induce labour naturally, it isn’t 100% effective, which means that the baby will be born only when it is ready.

Acupressure can also be used by women to prepare their body’s natural responses to an effective and quick birth, and also as a way to trigger early labour. A Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner will be able to help you and your partner learn effective acupressure methods to encourage your birth.

Nipple stimulation and love making are two ways to induce labour. The hormones, Oxytocin, released when you are aroused are similar to the ones released when you give birth. When nipple simulation releases Oxytocin, your uterus will contract. You can massage your nipples for five minutes when there are no contractions, and after fifteen minutes or so, massage them again.

There are many more natural methods to induce labour like using Evening Primrose Oil, which can be used orally or internally, eating spicy food (like curry), getting an induction massage, and walking around among other things. The Hypnobirthing Home Study Course perfectly has detailed specifics on the different natural induction methods you can use.

A recent study has also been talking about eating date fruits to induce labour. To know more about this, tune in to our next blog post!

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