Misconceptions Of Birth In The Modern Society

Misconceptions Of Birth In The Modern Society

Humankind is considered one of the most powerful species to ever live on earth. This is mainly because we are able to cope and aggressively fight anything that threatens our existence. We have been, so far, able to fight various diseases due to advance medical technologies. While this is a good thing for the general population, many other aspects of modern society also affect our natural instincts and choices.

Giving birth, for example, has changed so much in the past 100 years. With the advent of various surgical procedures, society has the impression that birth is only possible with the right medical intervention. I composed some of the most common birthing misconceptions that every woman should look out for. Remember, educating yourself is an important tool towards a better birthing choices for you and your child.

Myth 1: Pregnancy and childbirth is a medical condition

While it is true that child birth can have complications, it is not always the case. Birth is meant to be a natural and normal bodily function that is innate within us. Once we start to trust our body and work with it in birthing, we are much more likely to find success in a natural birth. In addition, we can increase our chances of an easy birth by being emotionally, physically and mentally prepared. There are plenty of ways to prepare for your delivery; hypnobirthing is one.

Myth 2: Giving birth is too dangerous to be allowed naturally

Childbirth is a naturally-occurring process, which only requires that the mother is physically fit, mentally prepared, and has a reliable support around her. For thousands of years, mothers have naturally given birth to their babies without the aid of medication or special equipment.

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Myth 3: The hospital is the safest place to give birth – bigger hospitals provide better care

The safest place to give birth is where you feel safe, whether that is at a hospital, a birth centre or at home. It is important for mums-to-be, to give birth in a place where she is most comfortable. In countries where they have a  home birth option that is fully integrated into the hospital system, it is found that home births are just as safe for the mother and her baby as hospitals.

Hospitals are by nature keen to reduce any risk so these institutions require routine tests and procedure which often are unnecessary. Some mothers appreciate these tests just to be safe, while others are happy to leave the birthing process to be more natural and instinctive.

Babies in hospitals are more susceptible to various hospital infections. As many as 20% of newborns are sent to the neonatal intensive care, separated from their mothers often to monitor any effects from pethidine or morphine injections given to the mother during birthing.

Myth 4: Caesarean surgery is normal and poses no danger to the mother and child

Caesarean delivery carries all the risks that any other major surgical procedure has. For this reason, C-section should only be done when medically necessary. In addition, recent studies suggest that caesarean born babies are more prone to developing allergies, as the natural bacterial environment in the mother’s birth canal is essential in providing a strong immune system.

Myth 5: Any drug that is introduced to a mother’s system during labour has no effect on the baby

Medications or drugs introduced to a mother’s system, even artificial hormones to induce labour, will get into the baby’s bloodstream. The truth is mothers and baby together create hormones that will prepare them to handle the stress of birthing.

There are a number of other important information that I would like to share. You can access them through our hypnobirthing classes CD and MP3s. Learning about these misconceptions will help you better understand the process of giving birth naturally and why you should consider it as an option for you.

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