How To Manage Your Labour And Delivery Fears

How To Manage Your Labour And Delivery Fears

Having a baby is a life-changing event in any woman’s life. The joy and happiness a baby brings into a mother’s life is unexplainable. But, most soon-to-be mothers fear giving birth. This is particularly true for first time mothers.

After all, childbirth is often described as a painful event. Therefore, many women develop intense fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

While there is no denying that some women may feel intense pain during labour, there are some ways to keep the fear of labour and childbirth under control.

Here is how to keep calm before and during childbirth:

Talk it out

If you feel uncontrollable fear and anxiety, speak to someone about it. Whether it is your mum, your partner or a friend, let them know what is bothering you.

Do not be afraid to talk to a professional—doctor or therapist—if you do not have support at home.

Confiding in someone can help you understand and cope with your fears. It is important for to-be-mothers to share their feelings.

Dig deep

Sometimes, certain life events and experiences, such as a previous miscarriage, can trigger labour-related anxiety.

Understanding your source of trigger is crucial toward mental healing. Consult a certified hypnotherapist to help you identity and address your source of anxiety.

Distract yourself

Do not read books or watch TV shows about intimidating childbirth stories. Also, avoid people who give painful detailed accounts of their birthing experience. Keep away from negative energy.

Prepare yourself

When it comes to managing labour-related fear, you need to know about the different options you have. These include medication, natural remedies or lifestyle changes.

Do not take any medication without consulting a doctor. Once you have determined a solution, make sure you always have access to it.

Try Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an effective solution towards alleviating pregnancy and childbirth fear. It is a birthing technique that focuses on deep relaxation and breathing techniques for comfortable birth.

Hypnobirthing offers countless benefits to mothers-to-be. It helps them stay calm during labour, thereby reducing the need for surgery. Moreover, couples connect on a deeper level throughout the pregnancy and birth experience.

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