Learning All About a Doula

Learning All About a Doula

Hello Hypnobirthing Hub,

I wanted to know if I can enroll in your classes, even when I do not have a partner. Please let me know if I have options.

I got this email sometime ago; Janice couldn’t be any more straight forward with her question about attending a class without a partner. I understand that many natural birthing classes are designed for women to have a partner with her. There is a purpose in having someone working with you during these learning processes.

Birthing is a difficult process that requires help. And while some mums-to-be do not have a partner because of circumstances or choice, having another person to help you out will still be very crucial during your delivery. This is why we encourage mums-to-be who do not have partners to hire a doula.

Doulas are ladies with expert knowledge on assisting pregnant women for pre-natal and delivery purposes. They provide assistance from attending birthing classes and learning the techniques with you to giving you a massage for comfort during birthing.

Doulas are especially helpful for mothers who opt for a natural birth method. As labour progresses, the doula will help provide much-needed comfort so that mums are able to manage the pain better. Your doula can help you out with almost anything including reminding you how to keep calm and breathe properly, hold hands for support, provide comforting massage techniques, and many more.

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I shared with Janice the option of getting a doula for her birthing and since then she was hooked! While Janice found a perfect way to give birth, some parents-to-be are also wondering if they can hire a doula for additional support.

Doula services are also available for couples. If you simply want additional help during the process so that Dad can focus on Mum during the whole duration of the delivery, it is possible. Doulas provide much-needed care; in addition, they are also ready to step back and watch the couple journey together in bringing forth a new life.

Pregnancy and birthing are experiences that are wonderful and exciting. Birthing should be an experience that is shared and nurtured. It is understandable for some mums-to-be without a partner to become worried.

To ease your stress, a doula can help provide the needed support.

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