Hypnosis for Pain Control

Hypnosis for Pain Control – Give Birth in Peace

If the anticipation of pain during birth gives you anxiety, you’re not alone. Many expectant mothers spend too much time worrying about the agony to come and not enough time anticipating the joy they will feel when they hold their babies in their arms for the very first time.

You can use hypnosis sessions to override fear of pain and ingrain thoughts of peace and happiness regarding the upcoming birthing event, but hypnobirthing can take it one step further. It can teach you how to create the effects of anesthesia completely through your mind. Once you learn how to do this, you will want to tell every expectant mother you know that epidural and suffering aren’t they’re only options when it comes to natural anesthesia for birthing.

Start with Relaxation Techniques

The first step to creating a pain-free childbirth experience is learning how to relax your mind and body. While popular movies portray birth as a painful experience, hypnobirthing practices create a pain-free birthing process that is enjoyable and memorable. Once you realize that there’s another way to bring a child into the world, you’ll want to educate everyone you know about the difference hypnosis can make.

If you want to enjoy your childbirth experience in complete comfort, you need at least a month of hypnobirthing experience prior to your big day. Listening to the right recordings from your home study course will ensure you know how to ease your mind enough to connect with your body and completely relax even on the biggest day of your life.

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The Pain Gate Theory

This is one of the most powerful and effective mental tools, and it doesn’t apply just to anesthesia for birthing. You can use this anytime you are in pain, and it’s good practice to put it to use on minor pains prior to your delivery day.

When you experience pain, nerve endings near the site of injury send signals to your brain, and then your brain produces the sensation of pain to alert you to the danger. Science has proven that some sensations are prioritized over others. You can feel pain and numbness and train your brain to recognize the numbness rather than the pain. That is the basic concept behind the Pain Gate Theory.

During your hypnobirthing home study course, you will learn how to create a sensation of numbness in your hand. When you start to feel a contraction, you can transfer that numb sensation to the site of pain. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s an established pain management practice that has been used successfully for thousands of years by researchers and scientists. Learn it and try it before you rule it out.

Relaxation + Pain Gate = Pain-Free Childbirth

The Pain Gate Theory only works if you’re able to put your mind at ease and relax your body. You first experience the sensation of numbness in your hand and then focus on transferring it wherever it is needed throughout the birthing experience. Once this is learned, you have a skill that will serve you well not only during childbirth but in many other situations that are upcoming in your life.

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