Does Hypnosis Freak You Out

Does “Hypnosis” Freak You Out?

When you hear the word hypnosis, do you visualize a hypnotist waving a pocket watch back and forth to his subject and putting him in a zombie-like state, arms outstretched and doing things as he is told, while muttering, “I will obey, Master”?

This popular depiction is very far from the actual hypnotism. In fact, modern understanding of this hypnosis contradicts this idea. A person under hypnosis is said to be in a deep mental and physical relaxation, having heightened focus and concentration with the ability to focus intensely on a specific thought, while blocking sources of distraction.

They are not slaves to their “masters” – they have absolute free will. In this state, the mind is more open to suggestions that change our beliefs and behaviour.

Nowadays, hypnotism is extensively used for therapeutic purposes and is referred to as hypnotherapy.

Hypnobirthing Home Study Course has long been used in relation to childbirth. It is used during pregnancy to prepare a mother for birth, and during childbirth to reduce anxiety, discomfort and pain. This practice is known as Hypnobirthing. When a woman practices hypnobirthing techniques while pregnant, the hypnotic suggestions are able to replace fear and expectations of pain with a safe, pain-free and comfortable birth.

Hypnobirthing functions on the premise that most labour-related pain is a result of fear and tension, which can be diminished or completely eliminated with hypnotherapy. – Wikipedia

While the idea of entering an altered mental state gives some people goose bumps, we all experience this state in our everyday lives. You are in hypnotic state when you are daydreaming, being deeply absorbed in a book or a TV show, or simply being lost in your thoughts.

In hypnosis, you can’t be made to do something that is against your will or ethics. You can choose to come back to your normal state whenever you wish, and that you are fully awake, aware and in control during the experience.

Because this practice doesn’t involve medications or pills, hypnosis’ efficacy cannot be evaluated through scientific studies. But thousands of women, including famous celebrities and royalties who have used hypnosis throughout birthing have shared having experienced not pain, just a little discomfort well into labour or all the way through delivery.

Hypnobirthing empowers you to trust in your body and its natural ability to give birth when the time comes. You will have much greater sense of control because you fully understand what’s going on with your body during birth and you are well prepared for it.

In hypnobirthing, you are prepared and in control. This will help eliminate feelings of fear or anxiety. You can communicate what you want and need during labour, and bring your baby out into the world without a fuss. Many women who use hypnobirthing techniques attest that they have had fundamentally better outcomes during childbirth than women who have not undergone hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing helps mums-to-be experience the magical moment during natural birth without the need for medical intervention, and undergoing intense pain during labour. With the affirmations, positive mindset, and relaxed state you achieve through hypnosis, you can have an easier and more joy-filled childbirth.

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