Hypnobirthing Questions From A Pregnant Mum

Hypnobirthing – Questions From A Pregnant Mum

I receive a lot of queries on a daily basis about hypnobirthing and its overall technique. Many mothers out there are wondering about its effects, the safety it provides (both for the baby and her), and the technique itself. As a hypno-mum myself, I am always excited to share information on the wonders of hypnobirthing.

One question was from Marie L., who wonders if hypnobirthing is the best option for her plans to go through natural birthing. I know that many mums are worried about natural birthing methods. After all, we grew up in a society where medication-aided births are the normal method. While there are certainly many kinds of birthing choices involving intervention, we need to remember that births are meant to be a natural and normal event, and not necessarily a medical one.

I always tell mums who are worried about their pregnancy and childbirth options to visit their doctor or midwife and to ask for their opinion. If you are given the all-clear of complications in your pregnancy that may otherwise require a different delivery procedure, then a natural hypnobirth should certainly be planned.

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Why Hypnobirthing?

I understand that Marie L. wanted to know more about hypnobirthing and what it can do for her and the baby. In other cultures, giving birth is a joyful event for every mother-to-be. In some places, even whole tribes or communities celebrate with the mother over the arrival of a newborn. Here women are strong and given encouragement during childbirth. The process is usually without pain and fear, because early on, women are taught to know the strength and rhythm of their body.

In our culture, however, expectations of childbirth are very different. For hundreds of years we are taught that giving birth is a terrible ordeal, composed of agonising pain and hours of labour. We have heard horror stories everywhere from well meaning friends to families. In short, our experience of birthing is scary because we grew up believing them.

Hypnobirthing Classes will help mothers to learn more about their bodies and how to naturally birth in comfort. It encourages mums through positive messages to create a more empowering birth outlook. The classes will also include learning how to release your fears of pain and childbirth. Moreover, hypnobirthing will teach effective breathing, calming and relaxation techniques to aid a natural easy birth.

Is it effective? I am happy to share that there are now many thousands of hypno-mums around the world who had a wonderful hypnobirthing experience. The positive thing with hypnosis is that you are given complete control over your choices. Forget all the clichés that you learned about hypnosis on TV or movies, because it is untrue. Hypnosis is not about the therapist controlling your mind; it is about you learning to access your subconscious mind.

Still want to know more?  You can learn a lot about hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy, as well as how it can be used to ultimately lead a better quality of life. I encourage you to read our blogs and interact with us. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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