Looking for a HypnoBirthing Online Course, that has a proven positive birth outcomes?

The HypnoBirthing Hub course has a 100% better birth outcome for the past twelve’s years. 85% of HypnoBirthing Hub mothers were able to birth naturally and comfortably without the need for pain medication or medical intervention.

The remaining 15% of HypnoBirthing Hub mothers that needed medical intervention, felt very informed, confident, positive and empowered.

No matter how your birth ends up, you are in safe hands with our fully complete childbirth education course that is easy to understand and OBGYN and Midwife approved.

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Life Changing Stories of Empowered Births

We’re passionate about preparing you to meet your little bundle of joy in the best possible way, and nothing can inspire a more positive birth than reading equally positive birth stories from women who have experienced childbirth the way nature intended it to be: free from fear, positive and in comfort.

Read the life-changing stories of mothers who used the knowledge, tools, and techniques they learned from the Hypnobirthing Hub Course. You will find that every unique experience shares a common thing: Hypnobirthing mothers were more prepared, empowered, and relaxed during their births.

From wanting a Caesarian to Birthing without Fear


“This HypnoBirthing Course was life changing for me. I went from being extremely scared, lacking knowledge and wanting a caesarian because I thought it would be easier, to looking forward to giving birth. Because of this course – giving birth was a miraculous, empowering and easy. I was fully in control and loved every moment, instead of a terrifying medical procedure. I cannot recommend highly enough”.

Kelsey Chambers, Surrey UK

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Confidence to Birth at Home – and in Comfort


“Couldn’t recommend HypnoBirthing Hub highly enough, and will shout from the rooftops about the benefits of HypnoBirthing. I did a complete turnaround from being incredibly anxious about childbirth, and convinced I would have a traumatic experience, to actually looking forward to it and even had the confidence to birth at home. I felt in the ‘zone’ the whole time and pain-free for most the time. It was so easy!!”

Brittany Simmers, Boston US

The Best Choice for a Calm and Natural Birth


If you’ve been looking for a step-by-step guide to a natural and pain-free birth, you’ve found it! Created and developed by Kathryn Clark, a clinical Hypnotherapist and Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor, our full birth preparation course takes you on a wonderful journey with one ultimate goal in mind: THE BEST BIRTH POSSIBLE.

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This is no ordinary birthing course. Lovingly crafted to provide you the best learning experience, as we reshape what you think and know about birthing—all while arming you with the tools and techniques you need for an unforgettable birth! If you want to be ready no matter what direction your birth takes, our online course has you covered. From natural birthing, alternative options, and the best medical interventions, we leave no stone unturned in preparing you to make the best choices.

Unlock the Secrets to an Amazing Birth in only 15 hours

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Without leaving the comforts of your home, you can easily learn how to have a fulfilling and empowering birth with little to no pain. This 15-hour HypnoBirthing Hub course gives you the best chance at having the anxiety-free birth you’ve heard so much about. With 12 years of experience in HypnoBirthing with proven birth results, Hypnobirthing Hub has put together a guide that will help you learn the intricacies of childbirth and gain the confidence to take full control of a natural and positive birth!

What’s Included in The HypnoBirthing Hub Course?

  1. HypnoBirthing Manual………………………….300 pages with five training units
  2. HypnoBirthing Hub mp3 albums
    • Hypnosis/Meditations………………………..……………15 mp3s
    • Birth Music………………………………………………………….……….5 mp3s
    • Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations…………..……2 mp3s
      • Your Birthing Day Guide – Birth Coach – 4 mp3s
  3. HypnoBirthing Techniques………………………………..…….6 videos
Hypnobirthing Course

That’s is so much more resources than any other birthing or HypnoBirthing course. Which means you’re getting more and being better prepared for your birthing day. We’ve made it simple for you to have the birth that every mother wishes for—one that is quick, easy and positive.

Unlock the Secrets to an Amazing Birth with
the Best Online Hypnobirthing Course


Without leaving the comforts of your home, you can easily learn how to have a fulfilling, with little to no pain birth. This 15-hour hypnobirth home study gives you the best chance at having the anxiety-free birth you’ve heard so much about. Filled with practical techniques that stem from both personal and professional experience, you will soon gain the confidence and look forward to a serene birth that you are in control of.

What’s Included in the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course?

  • A comprehensive and easy-to-follow 220-page, A4 manual that’s divided into 5 training units
  • Eight educational and relaxation MP3s/CDs

During this journey, you will find yourself equipped with the tools that allow you to visualize a serene birthing experience. Each album uses soothing music that’s conducive for learning with interwoven messages, placing you in a complete state of relaxation. It’s so relaxing and relatively easy – you can even listen to the Hypnobirthing Mp3s/CD albums as you drift off to sleep.

Hypnobirthing Course

How Does the HypnoBirthing Course Work?



A section from the manual


To an MP3 as you sleep


A Hypnobirthing technique video

It is easy and quick to learn, and in no time at all you have fully prepared for your amazing birth. The course is divided in to five teaching units, and it’s designed for you to complete a unit over the space of a week, yet there is total flexibility on how long you choose to start and finish this full birth preparation course. Getting ready for the birth of your dreams has never been so easy!

It only takes 15 hours to be fully prepared for an easy, comfortable birth.

By the end of the course, you’ll be a powerhouse of knowledge and information, more than ready to face anything that may come your way during birth. And you won’t be alone—hundreds of thousands of mothers before you have taken this course and experienced the exhilarating joy of a calm and natural birth.

HypnoBirthing Classes Compared to HypnoBirthing Online


Most people want to know the cost of a Hypnobirthing class versus the Hypnobirthing Hub online course. On average, Hypnobirthing classes cost around US$500 with many materials only available in-class. This means you can’t go back to parts or sections that you want to look into —the complete opposite of what our online course can do for you!

With the Hypnobirthing Hub Course, you get to keep all the knowledge, tools and sessions that are:

  • Simple to read and easy to follow -clear summaries and effective exercises.
  • Focused on your learning -checkpoints in each unit for maximum understanding.
  • Special sections for partners – essential to support you on your big day.
    • Your Birth Coach – your own HypnoBirth coach for every stage of your birth.

Our Hypnobirthing Hub Online Course gives you more access when and where you need it, and is much more effective than standard online Hypnobirthing classes AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE.

What Will I Learn in the Five Units?

My Body is Ready for Birth

Unit 1 - My Body is Ready for Birth

An examination of the difference between the natural, calm births of animals compared to the chaotic birthing process women go through. We learn how to prepare our bodies for birth so that it is simpler, calmer and quicker.

Key points:

  • Secret life of birthing mammals – calm and pain free
  • Misconceptions of birth in our society
  • Vital exercises for a prepared birthing body
  • Pelvic floor and Perineal massage for easier birthing

Pregnancy Relaxation and Health

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Pregnancy Relaxation and Health
  • T3 Quick Relaxation and Baby Bonding
  • T4 Pregnancy Affirmations
Unit 2 - My Mind is Ready for Birth

Unit 2 - My Mind is Ready for Birth

Learn how powerful your mind is and how it can be used to create positive or negative results. Discover how to build and sustain positivity in both your visions and your actions. Here we will create the birth picture you most desire down to the minute details that will make the picture real.

Key points:

  • Unlock the Laws of the mind to create your birthing reality
  • Adrenaline is the enemy to easy birthing
  • The key to birthing free from fears and doubts
  • Learn powerful emotional release tools

Release all Fear of Birth

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Release the Fear of Birth
  • T3 Quick Release – Fear
  • T4 Quick Release – Problems
  • T5 Quick Release – Relationship
Unit 3 - I Have the Tools for Birth

Unit 3 - I Have the Tools for Birth

A completely relaxed body is the key to a comfortable birth. Discover the deep relaxation triggers, breathing techniques and visualization methods that will enable you to stay in complete control of your comfort levels. This section also gives partners the tools to confidently and calmly support you.

Key points:

  • Breathing techniques – for each stage of birthing
  • Ultra deepening relaxation triggers and techniques
  • Know your real maternity options
  • Birth partners are fully prepared and skilled


Rainbow Relaxation for Birth

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Rainbow Relaxation
  • T3 Birthing Relaxation
  • T4 Birth Partner Relax and be Confident

Breathing and Birth Visualisation

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Visualise your Amazing Birth
  • T3 Birth Affirmations
  • T4 Relaxation Breathing
  • T5 Surge Breathing (Contractions)
  • T6 Birth Breathing
Unit 4 - I Have the Birth Knowledge

Unit 4 - I Have the Birth Knowledge

You will find out about the way in which your body was designed to give birth and how medical intervention impacts this. Should you need to make a decision regarding change in your birthing plan, you will know the very best option for you and your baby thanks to this section.

Key points:

  • Step by step guide to each birthing stage
  • Interventions – best medical options and effective natural choices
  • Induction – safest medical choices and natural alternatives
  • Best birthing positions, active birthing exercises and comfort techniques
  • Create your own natural ‘anaesthesia’ – discover the tool to a pain free birth
  • Your Birth Plan – confidently communicate your choices

Anaesthesia for Easy Birthing

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Creating Anesthesia for Birthing
  • T3 Relaxation Triggers and Special Place
Unit 5 - I am now Completely Ready

Unit 5 - I am now Completely Ready

You are completely guided through every step of your birth and are now confident, knowing the full hypnobirthing tools and techniques to make your birth empowering, fulfilling, safe, calm and comfortable.

Key points:

  • Your birthing day – step by step summary and guide
  • Checklists and summaries – know you are ready for birth
  • Practicing Hypnobirthing tools and techniques – timetables and suggestions
  • Birth partners key tips, tools and summaries to build confidence


Your birthing day guide

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Early Comfortable Birthing
  • T3 Moving to your Birthing Place
  • T4 Established Comfortable Birthing
  • T5 Birthing – Breathe your Baby ou
  • T6 Quick Release – Change of Plans

Birth Music

  • T1 Introduction
  • T2 Pure Embrace
  • T3 Adrift
  • T4 Sea Waves

Ready To Start Your Amazing Birth Journey?