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Be fully prepared for the best birth experience with the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course . This comprehensive birth preparation guide will reveal secrets, tips and techniques that don’t require you to attend any other Hypnobirthing or birth preparation class.

Tagged as the best Hypnobirthing course by happy and fulfilled mothers who have read the manual and listened to the CDs and MP3s, our Hypnobirthing home study course covers natural birthing, alternative options and the best medical interventions. No matter what path your birth takes, you will be fully prepared, relaxed, confident and empowered.

Unlock the Secrets to an Amazing Birth with
the Best Online Hypnobirthing Course

Without leaving the comforts of your home, you can easily learn how to have a fulfilling, with little to no pain birth. This 15-hour hypnobirth home study gives you the best chance at having the anxiety-free birth you’ve heard so much about. Filled with practical techniques that stem from both personal and professional experience, you will soon gain the confidence and look forward to a serene birth that you are in control of.

What’s Included in the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course?

  • A comprehensive and easy-to-follow 220-page, A4 manual that’s divided into 5 training units
  • Eight educational and relaxation MP3s/CDs
During this journey, you will find yourself equipped with the tools that allow you to visualize a serene birthing experience. Each album uses soothing music that’s conducive for learning with interwoven messages, placing you in a complete state of relaxation. It’s so relaxing and relatively easy – you can even listen to the Hypnobirthing Mp3s/CD albums as you drift off to sleep.

How It Works

Each of the five Hypnobirthing Home Study units consists of simply


A section from the manual


To a 25 minute audio guide


To an MP3/CD as you sleep


A Hypnobirthing technique video

It is easy and quick to learn, and in no time at all you have fully prepared for your amazing birth. The course is designed for you to complete a unit over the space of a week, yet there is total flexibility on how long you choose to start and finish this full birth preparation course.

It only takes 15 hours to be fully prepared for an easy, comfortable birth.

How Much Do Hypnobirthing Classes Cost?

Most clients are curious to know how much an online Hypnobirthing course can cost, as compared to the Home Study Course. A Hypnobirthing class can cost around US$500, and often the materials are only taught in class and available for future reference. Valuable information is quickly lost and so good birthing outcomes are often lower.

With the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, you receive knowledge tools that are:

  • Easy to read and follow, with clear summaries, effective exercises, video techniques and more.
  • There are checkpoints at each unit to ensure that you understand the material
  • At the end of each unit, you’re also able to track if you’re progressing.

We are confident that our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course is far better, and more effective than a standard online Hypnobirthing class.

What Will I Learn in the Five Units?

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