Hypnobirthing and Counter Pressure Massage

Hypnobirthing and Counter Pressure Massage

Bringing a child into the world is hard work, but it is all worth it for most women once they see their beautiful baby for the first time. However, some women have a crippling fear of childbirth. It is the fear of having a baby that hinders the childbirth process for many females.

They believe that it will be a painful experience because they’ve heard horror stories about childbirth. Episiotomies, dry births, long intensive hours of labor and breach births are some of the things that these women associate with childbirth, and it scares them to death. This explains why their bodies tense up and make it impossible to go through childbirth without experiencing pain and stress.

The only way to change this belief is for the mother to relax, which in itself is a birthing technique. When it is combined with other hypnobirthing techniques such as counter pressure massage, the goal of delivering a healthy baby is not as frightening.

Making Childbirth Comfortable

It is possible for women to deliver babies without the use of drugs, and it won’t be a painful experience. It is all about changing negative perceptions about childbirth. It is not a painful experience unless you allow it to be. Contractions should not be thought of as being painful. They are merely surges of the childbirth experience.

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Most women understand that natural births are better for the baby, but they still hold on to the fear that childbirth is going to hurt. What is the best way to deliver a healthy baby without it causing pain? The trick is to find the best birthing technique so that the birthing experience is comfortable as possible.

Learning Hypnobirthing Methods

Consider using the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing. Learning hypnobirthing methods will reduce the need to use drugs such as epidurals. Relaxation breathing, light touch message, surge breathing, birth breathing, counter pressure massage are different tools and techniques that are used during hypnobirthing.

Creating a Childbirth Plan

Expectant mothers can take a hypnobirthing home study course to learn these very useful and often overlooked techniques. They can also create a childbirth plan that details every step of the childbirth process. This not only reduces a lot of anxiety, but it gives them a plan and alternatives. Also, this course can be studied within the comfort of home.

These are all successful comfort measures that are used during hypnobirthing, and counter pressure massage is one that is often used by midwives and doulas to reduce pressure. This is a wonderful technique that relieves pain during labor. This works because the pressure gets rid of tension that is on the muscles.

Applying Counter Pressure

If labor is stalled, counter pressure can help to take the sting away from back labor. It targets points such as the sitz bones and the pubic arch. It should be done when a contraction starts. Back labor is the pain that occurs within the sacrum, tailbone and lower spine during childbirth.

Usually this pain is experienced because the baby is resting up against the expectant mother’s back. Counter pressure also comes in handy when a person has a small pelvis, and the space isn’t wide enough for a baby to pass through. This method may create a little more space for the baby, and the following tips can help:

  • Apply pressure to the portion of the back where the baby is pressing on. Push on all of the areas that make up the sacrum. This pushes back on the baby’s head, which provides relief during labor.
  • Put direct pressure on the bony sections of the body, and put pressure on each side of the spine. This is done in a gradual manner that is soothing to the expectant mother.
  • Go up and down the back in a slow motion. The pressure is applied with the thumbs, and it is only done for a couple of seconds. It is okay to make circular motions with the thumb. This can also be done with the elbows, knuckles, wrists or knees when a contraction starts.

Taking Cues

Watch the women’s body language. What she feels and endures will depend on the state of labor. Although the technique may have basic steps, it is a customized massage that will be different for each woman. She will tell you if the pressure from the counter presage massage is too much or too little.

Counter pressure massage is a hypnobirthing method that helps reduce pain during childbirth. There is no reason to fear childbirth pain. Learn how to control it. The Hypnobirthing Hub has plenty of info that can help expectant mothers to release all fear of childbirth.


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