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Hypnobirthing: The Celebrity Choice

Ferne McCann’s Hypnobirth plans revealed

UK celebrity TV star Ferne McCann has announced, Hypnobirthing as her chosen birth method. In eight weeks time, the Towie star plans to give birth naturally and painlessly by following Hypnobirthing techniques.

‘We’re going through hypnobirthing and everything, which is really important to do with your birthing partner,’ Ferne proudly announced, which was reported in the Daily Mail and The Mirror.

Ferne McCann joins the rapidly expanding list of celebrity ‘Hypnobirthers’. Personalities including Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have reportedly given birth using Hypnobirthing methods. Princess Katherine announced, she also embraced Hypnobirthing for the birth of her children. She has just proudly reported pregnancy number three! With two successful Hypnobirths ticked off; baby number three may be the easiest Hypnobirthing experience yet.

Why are celebrities rushing to Hypnobirthing, when they have all the world’s resources at their fingertips? What makes Hypnobirthing so special and desirable, to quickly become the celebrity birthing choice?

Ferne McCann has been through an extremely difficult pregnancy. The star opened up about her ‘stressful pregnancy’ and is now turning to her mother for support. Ferne experience a shocking blow when her then partner Arthur Collins, was arrested for an acid attack on an East London nightclub.

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However, the couple have since split and Ferne, 27 is focusing all her attention on giving her unborn baby the best birth and pregnancy experience.

Hypnobirthing is a proven stress buster in pregnancy and it easy to see why mothers to be, like Ferne have chosen Hypnobirthing to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing is essentially about relaxing down to a cellular level. In childbirth; being able to relax so deeply, essentially changes the body chemistry. Endorphins naturally flow to reduce sensations and this in turn produces more oxytocin – the love hormone. The result is a quicker labour with very manageable sensations. Therefore, no or less pain relief is required. Ultimately this is a best possible birth outcome for mother and baby.

However, to achieve this transformational birthing chemistry, it needs to be learnt in pregnancy. It is essential to practise all the Hypnobirthing breathing and deep relaxation techniques at least five weeks prior to birth and practised every day. The upside of the Hypnobirthing practise, is a very calm and stress busting pregnancy.

Ferne has been learning hypnobirthing techniques for a while now in her pregnancy and it shows. She appears confident about her pregnancy and birth, despite the trauma of the past few months.

Gill, Ferne’s mother has been a staunch support for Ferne during her pregnancy and is proudly her Hypnobirthing partner. Gill is learning all the Hypnobirthing tools and techniques to support Ferne on the big day.

Ferne previously shared a snap of her and Gill lying on a sofa practising some hypnobirthing techniques.

I wish Ferne McCann all the best for her amazing Hypnobirthing day. You too can share in the hypnobirthing celebrity experience downloading the online hypnobirthing course.

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