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How do I prepare for a pain-free birth?

More and more mothers-to-be are choosing to have a natural birth for their babies. With natural childbirth, moms are confident with their natural ability to give birth, willing to feel surges, and find comfort in what they are experiencing. But wouldn’t an unmedicated birth hurt like hell?

It shouldn’t, and it won’t! I’ve done it myself with the birth of my twins, so I know it is possible. The majority of my clients have also said that they have birthed their babies pain-free and comfortable. So how can you have a pain-free birth? Here are some ways:

1. Create a Natural Birth Plan

Once you’ve decided the type of birth you want to have, then the next smart step to do is to create a birth plan. It includes what you’d like to happen before, during, and after your birthing. You can put in details like no medication, no membrane sweep, no labor induction, etc.

Make sure that you discuss this with your healthcare provider and your birthing partner. Your birth team should be invested with natural birth as you are. They should be able to support you and advocate for you especially when your birthing time comes

2. Stay Physically and Mentally Fit

Childbirth requires energy and stamina. Generally, mothers-to-be who are fit and healthy have a more straightforward childbirth. It’s important for you to set up an exercise routine which will keep you moving and active. Try to go for a short walk everyday or practice some prenatal yoga.

Your mental state is also very important when giving birth to your baby. You need to be mentally ready and be able to leave all the negativity about birth behind. Stick to words of affirmation and encouragement instead of listening to horrific birth stories.

3. Be Educated

Do you have the knowledge for birth? It is crucial for you to know your body’s blueprint for birth and all the stages that you will go through during birthing. Study your birthing hormones and their functions. Know how they’ll work together to trigger all functions of labor and birth without the need for any intervention.

Learning how your body works is very helpful as you prepare for childbirth. Being aware of what is happening allows you to interpret your body’s signal more effectively.

4. Learn HypnoBirthing Techniques and Methods

HypnoBirthing is an effective childbirth method to have a natural and easy birth. It aims to rewire your unconscious mind and put you in a state of relaxation during your birthing day.

Some of the HypnoBirthing Techniques include visualizing your positive birth, learning deep breathing methods, and deep relaxation techniques. It’s important to practice them repeatedly before the birth of your baby so that your subconscious mind will be imprinted with these techniques. Practice also allows you to recreate them easily when your birthing day comes.

5. Trust Your Body

Women have been birthing naturally all around the world without medication for centuries. This is because the body is designed not only to grow a tiny human inside but to give birth as well. Having a pain-free natural birth means that you are able to trust your body and its ability to give birth. Believe that it knows what to do and it has mechanisms to communicate with you during labor.

Do you need more tips? The Hypnobirthing Hub Course has all the resources you need to have an empowered and comfortable birth. It’s an online birthing course that comes with a manual and twenty-five mp3s that you can study at your own pace. It will not only educate you about childbirth but will also help you achieve the birth that you want.

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