How Birth Partners Help During Pregnancy and Childbirth

How Birth Partners Can Help the Most During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Although most of the attention is put on the mother-to be during pregnancy and childbirth, the father also plays a very important role. He needs to understand the process, know what to expect and be supportive as well. The more knowledgeable he becomes, the more support he can provide during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes learning about things such as hypnobirthing techniques, which can be obtained via hypnobirthing home study course.

However, there’s tons of information on this very important topic. It could overwhelm some. But the following are a few things that all birth partners should be aware of and understand. They can help increase the comfort level of mothers-to-be during pregnancy and childbirth.

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Put Yourself in Her Shoes

Do you understand what it feels like to be pregnant? Do you know what types of changes her body is going through? Most importantly, do you understand how it is affects her emotionally? Not only is her body changing, but so are her hormones. She sees a difference in her overall weight and it frustrates her. Her breasts are getting heavier, and they feel like large buckets of water.

Although she is on a physical and emotional rollercoaster, she must still take care of the baby that is growing inside of her. This means getting the right nutrition for both her and the baby. It also means taking care of the rest of the family and tending to their needs. She is pregnant, but life still goes on. She may feel like she is being pulled in 20 different directions, but this is why and when she’ll need you the most.

Provide Emotional and Physical Support

She’s the one who is affected 24/7, but she needs your support around the clock. Yes, some days will be more stressful than others, but continue to be the rock that she can depend on. Tell her that you love her and will always be there for her no matter what.

Continue to give her compliments about her looks and the things that she does. Offer to give her back or foot massages. This can do wonders to make her feel better both mentally and physically. Give her a boost of confidence and tell her that she is going to be a wonderful mother.

Be supportive at all times. Don’t make her feel as if all decisions about the pregnancy and childbirth will all fall on her. She needs a loving and supportive partner during this time. She will need your expertise, understanding and patience. Provide support and ask how you can make this process more enjoyable for her overall.

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