Getting Prepared with Hypnobirthing

Getting Prepared with Hypnobirthing

If you have heard traumatic childbirth stories, you also need to listen about wonder of hypnobirthing stories. Hypnobirthing changes your entire perception of the birth process. It teaches you how it’s possible to go through labor without any fear or trauma.

Now you may wonder how hypnobirthing techniques can help you at the last stages of your delivery, after you have taken so good care of your body the past 9 months. To understand this, you need to first understand the concept of hypnobirthing.

The Concept

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth program that teaches you how to comfortably and gently ‘get through’ the birth process. It makes the labor process much easier by stimulating the production of endorphins through deep relaxation, massage and breathing techniques. Most important, it teaches mothers where their fear of birth comes from. It also looks at the effects on birth fear has and how adrenalin affects the uterus when in labor.

A Hypnobirthing Home Study Course teaches self-hypnosis to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. It does not leave you in a trance. Instead, it deals with a heightened mental awareness. You are in complete control of your thoughts. It just makes you feel safe, calm and empowered when in labor.

The usual perception of birth is the mother undergoing so much pain while the helpless dad watches helplessly. This is not seen in hypnobirths as the atmosphere here is so much different.

Dad Also Gets Involved

A hypnobirth is relaxing and loving where the couple is completely connected and work as a team to bring their baby into the world. By offering words of encouragement and giving light touch massages, the father feels involved in the birth process. To top it all, babies born through hypnobirths are not screaming and bright red but often calm and asleep. Just like the gentle birth process, they had just gone through.

The most surprising aspect about hypnobirthing techniques is that it’s so simple. You just need to commit yourself to the practice. You then find your eyes opening once you understand how the birth process worked, as a team effort between mother, father and child.

So no matter if you opt to birth at home or the hospital, creating a space where you feel safe and nurtured has a positive effect on your birth. Let your body do what it’s designed to do; the amazing feat of bringing a human into the world.

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