What are Hypnobirthing Techniques?

Welcome to an incredible pregnancy! We’re happy you have chosen Hypnobirthing Hub to help you along your journey. Anxiety, pain, doubts and negativity – you can flush all these down the drain and look forward to a natural, worry and pain-free birth that thousands of women like you have experienced as well.

Our FREE Hypnobirthing techniques are compiled to empower you and equip you with skills such as self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, natural and guided tips and techniques that will bring a safe and gentle birth without drugs or medical intervention.

Relaxation Breathing

Surge Breathing

Birth Breathing

Perfect Pushing

Light Touch Massage

Counter Pressure Massage

How to Use Hypnobirthing Techniques?

Kathryn Clark, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, has created and developed these hypnobirthing videos. Her experience with her own hypnobirth twins and solid background in hypnotherapy, birth and pregnancy counseling assure you of hypnobirthing techniques and approach that’s highly effective and ideal for mothers and their partners who are interested in a calm and natural birth.

Learn hypnobirthing techniques such as relaxation, birth and surge breathing, perfect pushing, light touch and counter pressure massage. Studies have shown that these techniques can significantly reduce pain during birth, and help you relax and focus on your pregnancy and that beautiful moment when your hypnobirth child finally meets you.

With our best home hypnobirthing course and mp3s/cds, these techniques can remove your insecurities and anxieties about giving birth. What’s more amazing, mothers who have had a previous bad experience with pregnancy and birth can look forward to a more enjoyable, wonderful birth compared to the previous ones.

Ready to venture on this wonderful pregnancy journey? Get in touch with us to know how these excellent hypnobirthing techniques online can help you.