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On top of the Hypnobirthing Hub Course, we’ve created several resources for you at no cost. We’re serious about our dedication to help you as much as we can; we want you to have the best Hypnobirthing experience.

For our Audible or iTunes and Amazon customers, who have already purchased our HypnoBirthing Home Study Course Manual or mp3s – here is all the information that you need to take that next step closer to your amazing birth.

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Molly Jones, a California Midwife, shares with us why birth plans are so important

“I like the Hypnobirthing Hub birth plans for a few reasons:

1. They show the women that they do have a choice in things. A lot of women still assume they have to do whatever they’re told.

2. My experience is that if the woman states what she wants verbally it is easier for others to ignore it, or it gets lost in change of staff whereas if it’s written it’s given more respect.

3. If a woman has ‘Hypnobirthing’ on her birth plan, there are a few of us here that are keen supporters and it results in the most appropriate midwife being able to care for that woman. (I know this doesn’t reflect well on midwives as far as giving woman centred care, but the woman benefits if she ends up with a midwife who will knows the Hypnobirthing Hub tools and supports her in the way she wants to birth).”

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California, Midwife US

A birth plan template is a document that’s also known as a “Birth Wish” or “Birth Preference”. The birth plan will relate what you want to experience during your birth, including your wants and needs, to midwives, partner, and to practically anyone who will be with you during delivery.

It is important for expecting mothers (and their partners) to come up with a course of action for the big day. Our online hypnobirthing home study course can help you and your partner create one that is in line with your preferences, wishes and expectations for your birth.

Download a Birth Plan Template in PDF or Word


There’s no standard template for an effective birthing document. However, you can download our birth plan examples which you can fill out with you partner.

Why it’s Important to write down your plans:

  • You can set your priorities for both long and short term. It will remind you of what is important to you during your baby’s birth.
  • This will serve as a reference for your partner and your main tool to communicate your preferences or choices to your caregivers.
  • Even if the birth doesn’t go as planned, you are sure that you will make informed choices. It’s like going on a birthing adventure with an educated, well-sorted plan.

Easy to Understand Sample Birth Plan


Birth planning need not be a herculean feat. Here at Hypnobirthing Hub, you can download a sample birth plan and edit it to make it your own. We have included birth plan basics, from the type of birth you’re planning for to who gets to hold your baby right after birth.

Wondering how you can do this effectively? Our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course Manual will guide you all throughout creating a solid birth plan. Our blog section can also help you with top tips and techniques in writing down your birth plan preferences.

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