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Are you pregnant or planning to have a baby? Congratulations! Being pregnant is the start of an incredible, amazing journey for any woman. But society, our family, friends, and even social media have a huge impact on how we view pregnancy. For years, we have this notion that pregnancy and giving birth is difficult, and that feeling extreme pain is normal.

At Hypnobirthing Hub, we aim to bust those negative thoughts and assist you in looking forward to a positive, anxiety and pain-free birth. When you get access to our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, you will learn how to have a calm and joyful pregnancy and birth. Our certified clinical hypnotherapist, Kathryn Clark, has developed this highly-effective guide and method to fully equip mothers like you with tools that improve your pregnancy and labor experience.

Free Download of Birth
Plans and More


Aside from our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, we’re happy to provide hypnobirthing free resources such as birth plans in PDF and an editable version in Word that lets you customize your birth plan to your preferences.

To better prepare your body for the big day, it’s essential that you have the right exercise regimen. It will make birthing easier and shorter! Stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy with our downloadable FREE weekly exercise example.

Wondering how you can integrate our MP3s /CDs to our Home Study Course? You’ve come to the right place. Our Hypnobirthing Hub MP3s/CDs When to Listen guide is free to download and use.

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Reliable Hypnobirth
Videos for Free


Be in a more relaxed and positive mindset with FREE videos created especially for you. These guided practice sessions will help you with effective relaxation and birth breathing. These are beneficial to both mother and baby to ensure an inspired, empowered, pain-free birth.

Together with our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course, these videos will do wonders in creating a calm and positive pregnancy and birth that will do wonders, not only during childbirth but in life as well. It’s time to look forward to the birth that you truly deserve.

For any questions and concerns about our FREE hypnobirthing resources, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.