OBGYNS, Midwives and Birth Professionals Support HypnoBirthing Hub Course.

Our HypnoBirthing Hub course is supported and contributed by OBGYNs and Midwives, so you can be assured of having the most accurate and medically relevant information. This is a full birth preparation course, and we strive to make it extremely comprehensive for all aspects of birthing.

Over the past 12 years of HypnoBirthing, we have encouraged edits and contributions from our massively supportive Doctors and Midwives. We thank you for your continual support of our work and the guidance you give to mothers around the world. Here are some of their eye-opening reviews.

nurse holding a baby

“With a Hypnobirthing mum my job is just to be here and watch in case I’m needed. When a woman is doing this well there’s no need to rush to do anything else.”

Dr David Stevenson


“I’ve been a Labour & Birthing Midwife for 15 years; and after attending about 20 Hypnobirthing Hub’s birth over the last few years, I’ll never look at birth in the same light. It’s incredible”.

Lesley Richards

Midwife, US

“I have seen varying degrees of relaxation in birthing. Last week, I was with a woman who used your Hypnobirthing Hub technique and sealed it for me, yours is the method that works!”

Julia Jameson

Midwife US

“Jordon’s birth was undoubtedly the calmest, exhilarating, beautiful birth (not to mention one of the shortest) I’ve attended so far as a birth doula. I plan to suggest Hypnobirthing Hub to all my upcoming clients.”

Lexi Basford

Doula, NZ

“Hypnobirthing Hub is such a favorite for me. It really provides an inner focus and centre point for the contraction (surges) and these Hypnobirthing Home Course women do really well with that and keep the sensations under control. They birth faster and frankly don’t need pain relief.”

Sally Simpson

Midwife UK

“ I like Hypnobirthing Hub births, because they are easy for me and I am more than happy with an easy day! These Hypnobirthing patients don’t seem to have the pain that others have, or the anxiety. I recommend all my patients to take the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course”.

James Welder


“I am a big supporter of Hypnobirthing and the home study course, and it comes into its own at end stage 2 (birthing the baby).There is a difference between the body automatically pushing the baby out and the mother doing all the work herself. I tell my patients that staff directed pushing is like running a kilometre up the hill. Birth breathing is more akin to walking up that hill! So walk, not run!”

Dr Pierre Vandekamp

OBGYN Netherlands

“There really is such a difference in tearing between those who do perineal massage techniques and those who don’t. I wish all women did their homework! I admire the way the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course teaches this skill, it’s all set out so well and pretty easy to learn it. Also, tearing – it’s a mind game situation. Mums, who have this perineal massage technique down pat, are much more confident in their body and ability to birth easily.”

Belinda Cameron

Midwife Australia

“With a Hypnobirthing Hub patient, I take more of a watch and wait approach. I have seen enough of these births now over the years to know these women can do it without too much of me. I am really just their insurance”.

Dr David Browne


I like the Hypnobirthing Hub birth plans for a few reasons:

1. They show the women that they do have a choice in things. A lot of women still assume they have to do whatever they’re told.

2.My experience is that if the woman states what she wants verbally it is easier for others to ignore it, or it gets lost in change of staff whereas if it’s written it’s given more respect.

3.If a woman has ‘Hypnobirthing’ on her birth plan, there are a few of us here that are keen supporters and it results in the most appropriate midwife being able to care for that woman. (I know this doesn’t reflect well on midwives as far as giving woman centred care, but the woman benefits if she ends up with a midwife who will knows the Hypnobirthing Hub tools and supports her in the way she wants to birth).”

Molly Jones

California, Midwife US

“In my 18 years experience, I have found that the women who do well with the gas are the ones that don’t have any particular breathing technique for their contractions. It is so natural and normal to breathe deeply into the belly during a contraction and that is why Hypnobirthing is such a favourite for me. It really provides an inner focus and centre point for the contraction and these Hypnobirthing Hub Home Course women do really well with that and keep the sensations under control. The ones who don’t know what to do when a contraction comes; pant after the gas, as it forces women to adopt a slow and long breathing pattern. To breathe in the gas, you need to take a deep and powerful breath, like Hypnobirthing Surge Breathing. A few times, I’ve noticed that the gas canister has run out, but didn’t replace it as the women was doing really well with the breathing pattern, but just breathing air!”

Sara Sempron

Midwife UK

“Celia was in Labor and I got there around 9:30 am. She was progressing very rapidly in her Labor and within an hour we were headed for the Hospital. Once settled the atmosphere around her birth was totally peaceful and serene. After only 20 minutes Celia began to ‘breathe down’ her baby. The nursed had called the Doctor who stood in awe of the site of this amazing woman who at this stage of Labor exhibited such calm and peace. I almost had to pinch myself to keep from telling her to push. Celia’s baby boy, Jayden was born at 12:30 to a room full of amazed care givers, including me!!! I am now a total believer in Hypnobirthing Hub.”

Helena Sicilian

Doula - US