Designing an effective birth plan

Designing an Effective Birth Plan

Having a baby soon? It’s the right time to make a hypnobirthing birth plan. A birth plan is a document that indicates the type of birthing experience you want on the big day.

It communicates your wants and wishes to those who will be present with you during delivery to ensure everything happens according to plan.

Therefore, you should provide a copy of your hypnobirthing birth plan to your partner and healthcare providers so that they respond appropriately to you during labor.

Birth plan basics

Although there’s no standard structure or format for creating a birth plan, most mums-to-be include these factors in their plans:

  • Birthing preferences: What type of birth are you planning i.e. natural or c-section? Also mention any specific birthing positions, the birthing environment you want. Would you prefer some movement during labor? Do you want someone to film the birth?
  • Support person: Who do you want (your partner, family members, midwife, etc.) with you during labor? Do you want them with you the entire time? Clearly write down names and contact information of those individuals. Similarly, write down names of those you don’t want in the delivery room?
  • Medical support: Discuss in detail any specific medical support providers and procedures, such as pain-relief medication, you want during labor.
  • Post-birth care: Who is going to cut the baby’s cord? Do you want to hold and breastfeed your baby right after birth? If you want your baby to be washed clothed immediately after birth, write it down in your birth plan.

Birth plan basics

Tips to create a birth plan

Keep these tips in mind when making your birth plan:

  • Involve your partner in the planning process. Consult your doctor as well to ensure you’re on the same page as them.
  • Start preparing your birth plan early on in your pregnancy so that you make necessary changes as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Provide specific information in your birth plan. Explain why want or don’t want something.
  • Use Hypnobirthing to make an effective birth plan. Hypnobirthing involves the use of self-hypnosis to help you create a positive, comfortable and relaxing birthing experience. Our Hypnobirthing home study course manual provides information on everything you should include in your birth plan.

Although a birth plan gives moms-to-be assurance that their personal wishes are being considered, it’s not set in stone. Remember, childbirth varies from one woman to another. It’s important to have an open mind because labor and delivery don’t always go according to plan.

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