Delay Cutting the Cord and Reduce Allergies

Delay Cutting the Cord and Reduce Allergies

Conventional training and wisdom says that the umbilical cord should be cut immediately after a baby is born. But there are others who disagree with this viewpoint. Dr. James Van Hook at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center believes this whole process should be delayed because of the possible advantages it has for the newborn child. This is due to the fact that the placenta has many different properties that are beneficial for newborn babies.

After all, this is where the baby received nutrients that sustained life for numerous months. Even though the cord is cut, it can still help the baby even after birth. This is why many doctors and researchers think that cutting the cord should be delayed. This is a viewpoint that is often debated, but the evidence that supports this theory is sound.

Once again, delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord goes against traditional medicine, but it makes sense. When a baby is born, the cord is still attached to the placenta, and the cord is still pulsating. The newborn continues to receive blood and oxygen via this cord. During these few minutes, the baby starts to use its own lungs and learns to breathe on its own. In addition, the pulsating starts to slow down and the placenta eventually detaches from the uterus wall.

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But doctors and researchers such as Dr. James Van Hook believe that the umbilical cord should not be cut until it stops pulsating. This is because a new born baby can still get stem cells from the cord. These stem cells help to build up the immune system, which could decrease the amount of allergies that a child gets over the course of a lifetime. However, if the cord is cut too soon, he can’t get the stem cells that could potentially protect his immune system.

Research has also shown that babies born in third world countries have fewer allergies than those who live in westernized countries. Many of their parents aren’t able to afford fancy hospitals and outside medical intervention. How is this possible? It is believed that this happens because the cord is not cut until it has stopped pulsating, which means that these babies get a good amount of blood, oxygen and stem cells to build up immunity.

As you can see, it has been proven that it is more advantageous for doctors to delay cutting the umbilical cord during the birthing process so that babies can get the nutrients and stem cells needed to make the immune system stronger. This is a hypnobirthing technique that is very essential during the natural birthing process, and it is taught in the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course. For information on how you can make the natural birthing process more advantageous for you and your baby, please visit Hypnobirthing Hub.

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