How To Create The Perfect Birthing Environment

Create Perfect Birthing EnvironmentWhether it’s your first or last baby, childbirth is a significant event in any couple’s life. Of course, there’s no denying that it isn’t scary.

Woman around the globe are focused on the pregnancy and delivery complications, stated in the Centers for Disease Control.

While each situation is different, one thing is common – approaching labour with fear. According to a recent study, 30 percent of women have a phobia about childbirth, or tocophobia.

This makes it crucial to create a calm, relaxed birth environment. The right childbirth environment differs from one woman to another. But, it should essentially be private, quiet, safe, and warm.

Whether you plan to deliver your baby in hospital or at your home, make sure you consider these factors for creating the perfect birth setting.

Giving birth in a private, quiet, safe, and warm room will help you feel calm, relaxed and secure. As a result, you will be able to focus better when you go into labor.

Here is how you can create a relaxed birth environment:

Talk to your partner

First off, discuss what you will need with your partner. Let them know if you have any special preferences with regard to the labor room.

Set the lighting and heating appropriately

If you’re giving birth at home, you can use soft candles and lights to create warm, soft lighting. At the same time, adjust the heating so that you feel comfortable.

But, if you’re in a hospital, make sure you choose a spacious room with decent lighting and heating. If ceiling lighting bothers you, ask someone to turn it off.

Shut the door

Your privacy is of utmost significance. Shut the doors and curtains to ensure no one disturbs you. Also, make sure the room is quiet.

Appoint a reliable birth companion

Childbirth is a major event. You need someone to be there with you for providing continuous support. This person could be anyone you trust, i.e. your partner, your mother, or a close friend. Ask them to be present in the delivery room with you.

Turn off your phone

Turn off your phone. You don’t need unnecessary distractions and stress, especially during the final stage of labor. A buzzing phone can interfere with your ability to focus.

Cover clocks

Similar to phones, remove any hanging clocks from the delivery room. You don’t want to keep track of time when in labor. Instead, try to concentrate on your breathing.

Use these tips to create a relaxed birthing environment. If you desire quick, easy natural birth, without any drugs, check out our Hypnobirthing visualization techniques.

These Hypnobirthing videos include sessions of essential breathing and relaxation techniques for an easier pregnancy and birth.



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