What To Do Before Your Baby Comes Home

Three, Two, One; The Countdown Has Begun – What To Do Before Your Baby Comes Home?

There are a number of firsts in a parents’ life.

The first-time your son walked.

The first word your child uttered.

Their first tooth and injury….

Similarly, you will never forget the first time you brought your newborn baby home.

Are you prepared for this transition? After all, parenthood begins when you walk inside the threshold holding the little bundle of joy.

Following are some things that a mother-to-be (and father) can check off during pregnancy and before the baby comes home.

Prepare and Freeze Wholesome, Home Cooked Foods

This will save you from a lot of trouble, especially afterwards when the baby keeps both mom and dad awake all night.

Make hearty soups, pasta sauces and curries in bulk and store for immediate use, to take out from the freezer and heat without any trouble. This will also save you a lot of time to bond with your child.

Set up Internet Shopping and Internet Banking

The weeks leading up to the delivery are an excellent opportunity to take stock of what items you will require after the birth.

It is a good idea to buy them now as opposed to later; you will be too busy taking care of the newborn. Make a list of store cupboard essentials—toilet paper, toiletries, nappies, milk formulas, and other items you might need.

Set up internet banking and shopping—both will be real life savers.

Prepare Nappy Boxes – Place Them Where You Will Need the Most

The first weeks after bringing a newborn in to the home will fly like a blur. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, advance preparation is essential. Prepare 2 nappy boxes; place one upstairs and one downstairs. Each box will be filled with nappies, cotton wool, a little bowl, small changing mat, a soft towel to put over the mat, a spare outfit and rash cream.

Install Your Baby’s Car Seat before Due Date

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment that must be acquired and installed before the baby is due. You are going to need a car seat for your baby’s transport. Ask your local fire department or AAA office to help you with proper installation of the car seat.

In addition to the above, our hypnobirthing home study course aims to offer a smooth transition to motherhood. Take natural birthing classes, watch videos and learn about the hypnobirthing way.

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