Childbirth Without Drugs Possible

Is Childbirth Without Drugs Possible?

Are you wishing for a birth without fear clouding the entire experience? Do you want a pain-free and uncomplicated birthing? Do you wish to forego unnecessary medical intervention and select natural birth over an epidural? Women since the beginning of time are equipped to handle pain that may come with natural childbirth.

However at the turn of the 21st century, we have seen an increasing number of women preferring C-section or epidurals to give birth. Has level of pain tolerance of women severely depleted? Is it no longer possible to deliver a healthy baby without drugs? The answer may be shocking.

A Pain-free Childbirth (Without Medical Intervention) Is Possible But…

Yes, you read correctly. Not only is it possible to have a pain-less birth but one without medical intervention! How is this even possible— to give natural birth and not experience pain?

Well, if we knew half of the things we don’t about Mother Nature’s plan for pregnant women, we wouldn’t even rely on drugs for childbirth. What prompts women from going against their nature when giving birth? In one word: fear.

Childbirth without Fear Is Childbirth without Pain

Natural childbirths aren’t shown on TV and movies in the right manner. Additionally, everyone has seen and heard of enough births that look more like a horrible never-ending nightmare! Midwives are screaming to push, push, push like a drill sergeant on duty, mothers are screaming in pain and fear. You are more freaked out by the very thought of giving birth as opposed to the action!

Women Are Conditioned to Believe Childbirth Will Hurt

Remember the horrible and nightmarish childbirth stories being shared by veterans over tea and cake, on Suzy’s baby shower? Stop doing that. A lot of women experience painful, difficult and complicated births because they believe childbirth involves a lot of pain, blood, and hurt. It’s really a cycle that transfers on to new moms-to-be.

The Fear – Tension/Stress – Pain Cycle

In simple words, women go inside the delivery room with a lot of fear and stress bottled up inside their pregnant bodies. Stress overload causes their labor to slow down or stop altogether due to fight or flight response. This in turn releases adrenaline besides the hormones already being produced due to labor.

Adrenaline blocks or inhibits easy flow of other hormones, namely endorphins and oxytocin. Both are crucial hormones when it comes to a pain relief during labor. Does that answer your question? Would you like to learn more about this possibility – a natural, healthy and pain-free childbirth without use of drugs!

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