Hi, I am Kathryn Clark, the Hypnobirthing Hub Author and founder​

I would be delighted share my amazing Hypnobirthing twin birth experience and passion for empowering all women around the world to have the most empowered, easy, safe and comfortable birth.


‘I’m going to have twins, I remember repeating to myself in amazement at finding out I had not one but two babies inside me…my babies. My dad was a twin and this was something that I always dreamed about. I was completely overwhelmed with joy!However, the excited of birthing twins began to fade away and moved quickly into fear.

Even though I knew that it was normal to be afraid of something I had never encountered before, I couldn’t help it. I still worried excessively. I became anxious. Years of birth horror stories in the form of movies, TV shows, and other media haunted me like nothing ever had before.

Strangely, the stories that carried the most weight were the ones from other women, especially those closest to me: mothers, sisters, and friends. Their stories were more personal and hit too close to home. It made me feel that their terrifying experiences were also going to be mine.

I was well aware of this type of negative thinking, having seen it for the last 10 years in people who come to me for professional help. As a therapist, I continually saw this downward spiral from negativity to anxiety then absolute terror.  This mindset was something I’d help others overcoming through Hypnotherapy and Counselling. It made me think: if I can help others, then I need to be able to help myself.

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With that new positive mindset, I trained in Hypnobirthing and birth education and then modified what I learnt with Hypnobirthing to include a more comprehensive birth knowledge and essential modern psychology mind techniques.

I was the first HypnoBirthing Hub mama and I welcomed my twins the natural way, without pain, fear or drama.

Alongside their beautiful birth, Hypnobirthing Hub was born. I wanted all women around the world to birth with empowerment and choice.

I created the Hypnobirthing Hub with a mission is to enable all mothers around the world have to have natural, pain-free birth by overcoming our fear of it. Even if births required medical intervention, there are so many positive choices that can be made and the most important is the feeling of empowerment.

HypnoBirthing Hub is about making all births a better birthing experience, no matter how you end up birthing.

Now fast forward 12 years of HypnoBirthing Hub ….

I have continued working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor with blue sky life  and have gained many more skills that I continue to make HypnoBirthing Hub the most positive birthing mental health course.

In addition to my experience, we have invaluable feedback from HypnoBirthing Hub mothers, partners, OBGYNS, Midwives and health professionals. We had used all their feedback and input over 12 years to refine the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course.

I am passionate about constantly improving and modernizing our online course to make it the most relevant and practical course. I am so proud to say
which has yielded amazing birthing results. I’m proud to say that over 85% of HypnoBirthing Hub mothers birthed the natural way, with most saying they were comfortable during the birth and didn’t think of asking for pain medication. I am equally proud to say the other 15% of HypnoBirthing mothers who needed medical intervention, felt positive and empowered in their birthing experience and birthed without fear.

The mission of Hypnobirthing Hub is to turn your birth experience around, from fear to calm. I want to help you create a beautiful birth story that’s worth remembering for years to come. It’s possible to hold onto the joy of pregnancy and childbirth without feeling afraid—all you have to do is take the first step. And I’m glad you’re starting your journey right now, here.

Together, let’s achieve the best birth possible for you and your baby.


Kathryn Clark
HypnoBirthing Certified Educator, Clinical
Dip. Hypnotherapy, BSc. Psychology, Grad
Dip. Counselling, Grad Dip. Management

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    Techniques Taught By A Certified Hypnotherapist

    Hypnobirthing Hub was created out of Kathryn’s passion to share her beautiful birthing experience. She’s a certified clinical hypnotherapist, pregnancy and birth counselor and educator.

    Confronted with the requirement of having either a caesarean section or an epidural booked prior to the birth of her twins, Kathryn thought back to all of the women she had helped through hypnotherapy. In that moment, she made the decision to use her professional Hypnobirthing knowledge and proven techniques to help her have the natural birth that she had hoped for.

    With the effective breathing and relaxation exercises she created and used throughout her pregnancy, she successfully diminished any uncomfortable pressure she felt.

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