Hypnobirthing Hub Breathing Techniques

Hypnobirthing Hub Breathing Techniques

The key to your hypnobirthing success is relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the more pliant and loose your muscles will become. It will therefore be much easier and quicker to birth your baby. To get your muscles to relax, the Hypnobirthing Hub can help you learn breathing techniques for the different stages of your birthing. With these three techniques, you will feel calm and serene while totally in control of your body and your birthing.

Breathing Techniques

  1. Relaxation Breathing

Relaxation Breathing is simply to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. This breathing is ideal in pregnancy relaxation, the very early/pre labour stages and in between surges, to instantly bring you to a relaxed state.

  1. Surge Breathing

This breathing is ideal when you are in established birthing for each surge (contraction). By breathing in this unique way, reduces any strong sensations to a very manageable level. This breathing also makes each surge more effect to thin and open your cervix, so you can often reduce your birthing time.

  1. Birth Breathing

Birth Breathing is the technique you can use for when you are actually birthing your baby. By working effectively with your body, your baby’s entrance into the world is a safe, natural, easy, calm, comfortable, and an enjoyable experience.

The main principle when it comes to hypnobirthing is to relax. No matter what happens during your birth, relaxing can help you make things easier, less painful, and quicker. When you’re relaxed and feeling happy or positive, you get the perfect opportunity to open the sphincters in your body.

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What are Sphincters?

Your sphincters include your excretory (urethra and anus), cervical, and vaginal circular muscles that are responsible for opening, closing and releasing from your body. Your sphincters will open easily when you are relaxed, at peace and even happy. This why, oftentimes, constipation is associated with stress or anxiety.

While our sphincters open when we are relaxed, they close when we feel watched or when we feel upset. This is why it is harder to birth our baby if we are under a lot of stress and when we feel afraid. The rush of adrenaline in our bloodstream causes the sphincters to stay closed. That is way we prefer to use the bathroom in privacy and be relaxed.

The same actually holds true to our birth. One of the reasons why some women might find it difficult, traumatising, and painful to birth is that their muscles contract, their cervical dilation is low, and their sphincters close, which gives the mother and the baby a hard time during labour!

Laughing Your Sphincters Open

Now, did you know that you could also laugh your sphincters open? Do you remember instances or heard hypnobirthing stories of people who laughed so much that they wet their pants? Well, the urethra is actually a sphincter, and it also opens when we open our mouths.

Just like your urethra, your cervix and vagina are sphincters and can open under the right conditions, like the following, which can also be found in the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course:

  • Open your mouth when you are in surge, this will open your cervix.
  • Open your throat when you are birthing your baby, this will open the vagina.
  • Create an atmosphere of privacy.
  • Relaxation is vital.
  • Ensure you are confident in birthing your baby and have overcome any fears.

Hypnobirthing Hub breathing techniques, your body will become more relaxed, your feelings of anxiety, stress, and pain will be relieved, and you will have an easier and quicker birth.

To know more about the different types of breathing techniques, you can follow our blog or watch the video demonstrations on Relaxation, Surge Breathing, and Birth Breathing.

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