Congratulations on your pregnancy! We’re happy that you are interested in a gentle, natural and drug-free birth. And that’s what Hypnobirthing can do for you! With this principle, your goal is to achieve a natural, calm and empowering childbirth.

And nothing can inspire you more than positive birth stories from women who have gone through hypnobirthing classes online or bought our Hypnobirthing Home Study Course Manual and MP3s/CDs. Every mom has a unique experience, and even if things don’t go as planned, you will find out that because of Hypnobirthing, mothers have stayed positive and calm, so she can have the birth she want. From New York to Israel, we’ve helped women to tap into their natural ability to experience childbirth without intervention, pain or fear.

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Stories from Parents Around the World

Hypnobirthing dream birth after traumatic first birth

“After a really terrible experience with my daughter’s birth, I was determined to find a different way when I got pregnant this time. My biggest fear came for the old memories, which still gave me nightmares, at times. I felt sure that the same thing would happen again. When I did the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Course, there were two things which really stood out for me.

First was that I can now see why and when things started to go wrong the last time. If only I had known all of this the first time around. Second, the “Fear Release” exercise made so much difference; they were really powerful. I actually felt the bad memories leave my mind. It did feel a bit surreal. I was able to completely let go of them and they didn’t come back, at all.

The nightmares also stopped. And with all the other techniques that I had learned, I spent the rest of my pregnancy looking forward to the birth and not dreading it. I think the key thing for me was being completely honest with myself about how I was really feeling about the birth, and not just pushing it all deep down. I know that if I buried it, it would just come back on the day.

I had a wonderful birth. Baby Asha was born peacefully and easily in the hospital after six hours of labour. None of the old fears came back and I was so pleased how calm, focused, and relaxed I was. I wish every woman around the world had access to these techniques. Thanks so much. I can’t begin to thank you for the key role you played in our birth”.

Sima Hardy

Suva, Fiji

Wonderful easy and inspiring Hypnobirthing Hub birth

“After a day of mild twinges, I called the hospital to let them know I might be coming later to have my baby. Whilst chatting with the midwife, I had a few more twinges and she said I should come in.

After a phone call to my husband, he made a mad dash home, falling through the front door. He was panicking a bit and I was the calm one. So at the hospital, I was 4 cm, and the ‘twinges’ were real surges, but they just felt like nothing more than twinges.

However, every time I had a contraction, all I kept thinking about was how I was getting closer and closer to meeting my baby. I kept visualising my older daughter on the shore in my special place, which was a beautiful sandy island holding a baby, and with every surge, I would ride the crest of the wave. It was taking me closer and closer to the two of them.

My husband was amazing with the light touch massage and the prompts; I could actually feel the rush of endorphins through my body. It left me feeling spacey, but ultimately relaxed. The birth was WONDERFUL!! I loved every second of the experience. I made very little noise; I didn’t need to, as I wasn’t in pain at all. As soon as she was born, I said ‘I want another one’; I didn’t want to stop, I was enjoying it all so much!! I can’t thank you enough. I have recommended your course to EVERY pregnant women I have met!”

Honnie Swithers

Dublin Ireland

Hitting the gym soon after an easy Hypnobirth

“I have been meaning to email you to say a massive thank you. My husband and I did the course in Sydney and I gave birth three weeks ago…. my waters released on Sunday morning, we ended up staying at home relaxing until 6pm. We got to the hospital and midwives tried to offer pethidine and an epidural however strongly declined with Andrew’s support.

The pressure got more intense by 2am but then quickly delivered a baby boy at 2.47am with no pain relief. I had no tears and no stitches were needed. After feeding the bub for almost an hour, I was able to jump in the shower with no assistance.

The following days were also amazing as I continually got offers for pain relief but really didn’t need it. Midwives were always surprised when I declined pain relief during my stay. I am back at the gym already and am so thankful for Hypnobirthing eliminating all the fear I had. Next baby we will definitely do a refresher ?


Jasmine Secore

Adelaide Australia

Hypnobirthing helps even when an Induction is medically needed

I listening to the Audio book version of your course, I found it great when I got frightened by birth, the cd helped me relax and not see birth as a big deal. Even towards the end I got great sleep listening to the book made me so relaxed and it made my birth partner fall asleep.

I was due my baby the 8th Feb, I had pregnancy diabetes and my maternity hospital had a policy of not going over a week. I chatted with my consultant and we agreed on going 10 days over. On the 18th Feb no signs at all with my lil man coming, he was too cosy.

I got a tampon process (prostaglandin) at around 9am, me and my partner walked up and down the stairs all around the grounds and finally started around 6pm.

I owed my friend and my partner doing the surge breathing and reminding me of the beach I was able to relax at the contractions and picture myself in a place I felt most relaxed in Greece on a beach.

But with inductions, I remembered the book said the contractions were artificially painful and they were! I asked for the epidural and felt ok about it, as I know this was not normal labour.

I was ready I could feel the contractions very slightly a nurse came in and said they weren’t strong enough that I’d need a drip but I was adamant not to so, I worked with the contractions 5 mins apart the midwives were so great I did all my breathing and pushing perfect I didn’t miss one push 40 mins later with a bit of help from suction my beautiful baby boy Jacob John arrived at 12.20pm

It wasn’t my plan to birth like this, but your Hypnobirthing Hub book had me going in with an open mind. I wouldn’t change any of my wonderful experience from pregnancy to birth.

Sara Arenberg


Easy quick and pain free natural twin birth

“Thanks so much for all the Hypnobirthing Hub information. The birth of our twin girls was so easy and completely natural! We arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated, midwives couldn’t believe it. I was so comfortable I could even walk in. Thanks again!”

Aliya, Nila, Troy and Eden


Quick, confident and relaxed Hypnobirthing

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Hypnobirthing Hub course. I had a beautiful, amazing birth experience. It gave me much more confidence in myself and as a mother!I was so relaxed and calm I has no idea how far along I was and gave birth 27 mins after arriving at hospital with absolutely no intervention of any kind, not even a VE! It was pure and perfect. Thank you from me and my very happy baby.”

Emma Mathews

New York US

Planned Hypnobirthing Hub Caesarean births are positive and empowering

“I decided to be pro-active and take control of my birthing experience. Accepting that I had to have a caesarean this time around didn’t mean that I had to leave all the decisions in the hands of the doctors. I was actually going to make this happen!

Everyone had been briefed as to what was in my birth plan and how I was going to contribute. “Okay, are you ready, here come the head and the shoulders, now reach down.” I reached down and linked my thumb and fingers around my baby’s shoulders and lifted him onto my chest. The nurse had removed my hospital gown and my baby and I lay together (skin touching) for the first time. He was so soft and flexible and curled straight back into a little ball. As he lay on my chest, the warmth in my heart was unbelievable, everything seemed so surreal and wonderful!

For the woman that are now having caesarean births or other types of interventions without choice, it is important that they too know they can still take control of their situation and feel a part of ‘bringing their baby into the world’.

Liza Mendels

San Francisco US