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Hypnobirthing Hub - Birth Results
By choosing the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course you are more likely to have a pain free and fear free birth than through any other Hypnobirthing Course. We have the highest ratings of mothers feeling empowered and completely comfortable during birth, than any other Hypnobirthing program worldwide.

Over a period of six years, we have collected statistics on birthing outcomes. Over 85% of Hypnobirthing Home Study Course mothers birthed naturally and easily, with most saying they were entirely comfortable throughout the birth and didn’t even think of asking for pain medication.

By the end of the course, you will look forward to your amazing birthing day with complete enthusiasm. Your confidence in a successful birthing will be a total transformation from fear to fulfillment. And, of course, that 85% is now securely within your grasp.

Hypnobirthing Hub Have The Best Results Worldwide


In pregnancy Hypnobirthing Hub mothers felt:

  • 94% more relaxed while pregnant
  • 89% overcame their fears and anxiety
  • 90% confident of a natural birth
  • 91% excited about birthing
Hypnobirthing Hub - Best Results - More Relaxed
Hypnobirthing Hub - Best Results - Mother's Felt

Birthing Types of Hypnobirthing Hub mothers:

  • 91% vaginal (all types)
  • 78% vaginal NO medical intervention/medication
  • 6% vaginal with forceps/ventouse/Episiotomy
  • 8% chemical induction
  • 5% planned caesarian
  • 4% unplanned caesarian

During birth, Hypnobirthing Hub mothers felt:

  • 87% relaxed during the birth
  • 92% hypnobirthing techniques very useful
  • 87% childbirth was truly amazing
Hypnobirthing Hub - Best Results - Relaxed During the Birth
Hypnobirthing Hub - Best Results - Comfortable giving birth

Comfort Levels of Hypnobirthing Hub mothers:

  • 85% completely comfortable or manageable sensations
  • 87% no pain medication at all
  • 8% epidural
  • 5% narcotics or gas and air