Your Baby’s First Hour In The World Is The Most Important

Your Baby’s First Hour In The World Is The Most Important

I can say that one of the highlights of my life as a woman was seeing my babies for the first time. It is a moment of immeasurable happiness, excitement, and relief all at the same time. So many mothers out there are just like me, seeing our child for the first time gives us complete satisfaction. The sad thing is, not every mum is able to experience being with their children in the first hour of giving birth.

When possible, it is important that the first 60 minutes right after your baby is born is undisturbed. The most vital bonding time between mother and child occurs during the first hour. Babies are comforted when they are able to hear the familiar sounds of their mother’s heartbeat when they are placed on their mum’s chest. And since the sense of smell is a natural instinct, this is the first chance for your baby to become familiar with your smell.

Furthermore, this is a crucial moment when nature takes its course and help mothers produce colostrum during the baby’s first feed. Colostrum includes important ingredients that have evolved over time to provide the best kind of nutrition for our babies. The ingredients include vitamins and minerals that improve our baby’s immunity, strength and health. The production of oxytoxin is also at its highest during this first hour. Oxytoxin is responsible for the production of colostrum and creating feelings of deep connection and love towards your baby. Oxytocin is called the “love hormone” and this is the most amazing part of natural birth.

Colostrum contains important immuno globulins, which prevents bacteria, fungi and viruses from getting into the baby’s system. It also contains important lysozyme, which fights any bacteria or virus that comes up in our babies’ system. Other than these, colostrum is also rich in vitamins and minerals needed for growth and nutrition.

Sadly, in births that are medically induced or in caesareans, you won’t get the large rush of oxytocin running through your body and providing deep connection with your baby. Certainly, births with medical interventions will still be a wonderful experience, but natural births do receive so much more of this wonderful love hormone. I think it is mother nature’s ways of rewarding us for bringing new life into the world and ensuring we have such a deep and lasting connection.

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How Natural Birthing Can Help Mothers

Thankfully, we all now have the choice to use natural birthing methods for the delivery of our babies. Unlike regular births or C-Sections, natural birthing means that we will not be using medication that will make us drowsy and weak. Natural birthing means choosing not to use any invasive medication, and relying instead on our natural instincts.

Hypnobirthing is one of the most reliable natural birthing techniques available for all mums-to-be. If you have been following Hypnobirthing Hub, then you known all about hypnobirthing and how it can help you have a better birthing experience. Hypnobirthing focuses on teaching you how to overcome your fear of the pain of birth.

I have given birth to my kids naturally, with the help of Hypnobirthing Home Study Course. Along with me are thousands of other mums out there who are able to enjoy bonding with their babies right after birth. I am inviting you and your partner to learn more about this technique through our site. There are lots of free natural birthing methods and hypnobirthing information, as well as a free downloadable relaxation Hypnobirthing CD.

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