A Pain-Free Hypnobirth Using Our Home Study Course

At Hypnobirthing Hub, we encourage mothers who bought our Home Study Course to share their empowering, heartwarming birth stories to encourage women around the world to experience such a beautiful moment.

Here’s is one incredible birth story we would like to share with you:

Purchasing and Using Our Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course


I purchased the Hypnobirthing course just three weeks before my due date. I had read Marie Mongan’s book and started listening to her Rainbow Relaxation CD four weeks prior to that, but I didn’t feel relaxed and comfortable enough so I researched online until I found the Hypnobirthing Hub course. As soon as I started listening to the tracks I immediately felt confident that I could pull it off. I listened to various tracks at night and fell asleep with the guided meditations on. I had an easy time visualizing and focusing on the relaxation. As I listened to the tracks on repeat and felt more and more confident.

My delivery was scheduled to take place in the hospital and I wondered if I could pull off a ‘natural’ birth in a hospital environment while delivering flat on my back and my legs in stirrups. That was my biggest concern and I met with several different doctors to discuss this. It turned out to be such a non-issue because it turns out that I had absolutely no problem delivering on my back.  I also met with an anesthesiologist in case I decided to opt for an epidural. I felt very confident and prepared.

Birthing Day Finally Arrives


Two days after my due date, I did the belly dance and my water broke. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

Would my weeks of practice pay off?

Would it work?

Would my labor and delivery be relaxed and pain-free?

I called the doctor to let them know that my water broke and that I was experiencing mild menstrual aches come and go. I asked the nurse to tell me what a contraction feels like and she told me that it would be painful and I ‘would know’. I ate something, cleaned my house and took a shower. As the sensations got more intense, I plugged in my iPod and started listening to my birthing day tracks and swaying in front of the mirror. After about an hour, things got even more intense and I sat on a big ball and leaned forward onto my bed. I made sure to keep hydrated and focused. There was no pain, just very intense ‘sensations’. There’s no other way to describe it.

After a couple of hours (which felt like a very short amount of time), I threw up and my husband realized that I was very far along and he urged me to get in the car so that we could go to the hospital. I kept responding that I’m not in any pain and therefore, I can’t possibly be far along yet. We finally compromised that I would go to the doctor. She checked me and confirmed that I was 7cm dilated! I went straight to the hospital and just over an hour later, my doctor arrived to deliver my beautiful, healthy, 8.7lbs Girl. The whole labor lasted 6 hours. I felt so good that I wanted to go home the minute after I delivered. I felt so incredible and empowered.

I also want to note that my baby who is now 4 months old rarely cries and is generally very happy. I think I would attribute it to the relaxed labor and delivery we had.

Things that I would do differently my second time around


I would have liked to watch the delivery. The ‘pushing phase’ happened so fast (10mins) that I didn’t have a chance to see my baby come out and I wasn’t ready to hold her right away.

I always struggled with Surge Breathing because I had a hard time inhaling and exhaling for 8 seconds. I couldn’t do it during labor either and I would’ve liked to have had a different breathing technique to try instead.

I didn’t make an effort to get my baby to latch on straight after delivery and we struggled with it for 4 weeks until I gave up breastfeeding altogether.

Do you have any amazing hypnobirthing stories you’d like with us? We’d love to hear from you!

Meet Kathryn Clark
As a qualified Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor, Kathryn has helped countless women overcome their crippling fears surrounding pregnancy and birth 

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