6 Myths About Hypnobirthing Debunked

6 Myths About Hypnobirthing Debunked!

You might not know this, but every woman’s pregnancy and birth story is different. Some may have it easy, and others might have a challenging time from the first month to the day she gave birth. Then, there’s also the supposed dreaded pain that comes with delivery.

This is where Hypnobirthing comes in. This child birthing method has proven to be quite effective in getting the birth women actually deserve! Many mothers, including celebrity moms, have spoken up about its benefits. We’re glad that you’re interested in a positive birth experience as well.
Before you proceed, however, there are a few misconceptions about Hypnobirthing that needs to be addressed.

1. Hypnobirthing is just a trend

Unbeknownst especially to the modern Western culture that seems to center on panic and pain, Hypnobirthing has been around since the early 20th century. Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, a London-based obstetrician, first witnessed a peaceful delivery that was free from drugs. He actually offered chloroform to the mother just before she gave birth to which she refused.

That beautiful birthing experience roused his interest, opening doors to his research, his books Natural Childbirth (1933) and Childbirth Without Fear (1950s). Pioneers in Hypnobirthing soon discovered how self-hypnosis can help ease the pain, and the rest is history. It’s 2016; the demand for Hypnobirthing is increasing, making it a timeless birthing method. Trends certainly don’t last this long!

2. You will have a homebirth

Maybe this myth came about because most women who chose Hypnobirthing delivered their child at home. This is due to our natural instincts pushing us to look for a safe, quiet, and peaceful place that’s free from the observant eye. The hospital does not seem to have that kind of environment, which makes it harder for women to stay calm and focused on a serene birth.

Our hypnobirthing home study course by Kathryn Clark, however, will relate how you can stay in that peaceful state, even if you choose to give birth in the hospital. You will be equipped with the tools that can help you in staying positive and relatively calm whatever your birthing choice will be.

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3. Hypnobirthing is not pain-free

Because of our exposure to a modern society that talks about extreme pain during birth, most women tend to equate giving birth as a painful experience, and certainly not a time to relax as you would have to exert all effort to push the baby out. On the other hand, some mothers think that the method should give you a 100% pleasurable labor and delivery.

Truth is, Hypnobirthing is about reducing the pain level, allowing you to manage your comfort levels naturally. At Hypnobirthing Hub, we’ve had mothers claiming that labor and delivery were pain-free and that they’re even looking forward to their next Hypnobirth baby.

4. Hypnobirthing is just about the birth

To ultimately achieve the anxiety-free and pain-free birthing goals, a mother should realize that this amazing, natural process involves being in a positive, uplifting mental state from pregnancy up to the birthing day itself. It makes you see the beauty of what nature has to offer. Not only that, you can apply this inspiring outlook in many aspects of your life and your partner’s as well.

5. Hypnobirthing stops you from working with doctors

It’s wrong to equate hypnobirthing to just one type of birthing which is a natural, drug-free birth. This tried and tested method is absolutely for ALL births, whether you choose or need to have a cesarean section or would need any sort of medical intervention. The goal of Hypnobirthing is to make sure that you’re making the best possible choices for yourself and your baby.

Yes, you read that right. Even a cesarean section can be a relaxed, beautiful and serene birth journey.

6. Negative thoughts are not allowed when Hypnobirthing

Addressing negative thoughts and birth fears is part of our Home Study Course. We delve deep into the process of overcoming those fears and throwing them out of the window, so you can have the birth you want and deserve.

To fully prepare you for that, we discuss embracing your birth choices, stages of labor, self-talk and so much more. Just take a moment to read through different birth stories from around the globe, and you can get a better understanding of how Hypnobirthing works.

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