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5 Things to Know When Picking Your Birth Course

Are you prepared to give birth to your beautiful baby?

As your birthing day approaches, you may have a lot of questions running in your head about childbirth: How does a surge feel? How will I know when to push? Does any of the deep breathing stuff work? You’ll also be feeling a range of emotions such as excitement, nervousness, stress, and even anxiety. The good thing is, you can ease all your fears and gain confidence in birthing your child when you take a birthing course!

A birthing course is a crucial part of preparing for your birthing day. It should give you practical knowledge about the entire birth process and make you ready for the arrival of your newborn. Here are things you need to consider when choosing a birthing course:

1. Does the course agree with your philosophy on childbirth?

Are you aiming for a natural birth, or are you open to having a medicated one? Do you want to patiently wait for your baby to arrive, even if it’s past 40 weeks, or do you want to know how to get things going? There are so many considerations about childbirth. How you choose to give birth is up to you.

It’s essential to know the general philosophy of the birth course you are considering. The techniques that they are teaching should be something that you see yourself doing and something that you believe in. Their methods should help you achieve the birth you dream of because it is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

2. What are the topics covered by the course?

If you are a first-time mom, your birthing course should be able to fill you out with everything you need to know about this new exciting chapter of your life. If you’ve given birth before, then it could be a refresher course for you. Learning the ins and outs of childbirth will lessen your anxiety and help you make informed choices when your birthing day comes. Make sure you check its curriculum!

3. Who crafted the course?

Who designed the course? Are they an expert in the field? Do they have relevant certifications or experience? These are things that you need to consider too! The person or organization offering the course should be established and reputable. You don’t want to be taking in information from someone who isn’t credible and trustworthy, do you?

4. How are the reviews?

Reading the reviews and feedback about your birth course is critical! Do moms trust it? Did it really help them? Did it deliver as promised? Checking the reviews can help you know what to expect from the course. It shows that the business is real and can be trusted. It can also help you get inspired or motivated about childbirth!

5. Consider the practical things too!

Have you ticked the first four pointers discussed above? Then it’s time to review the following:

  • Does it fit your budget? Or are the fees over-the-top?
  • Is it convenient for you? Is it suitable for your schedule?
  • Does it have ongoing or upcoming promos that you can avail? Are there freebies that are of value to you?

Picking a birthing course is entirely up to you. Base it on your intuition, your gut feel, and your needs. You do whatever feels good to you and your baby.

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Meet Kathryn Clark
As a qualified Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor, Kathryn has helped countless women overcome their crippling fears surrounding pregnancy and birth 

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