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The Five Advantages of Hypnobirthing That You Probably Didn’t Know

The number of women who have traumatic births is troubling. More than 25% of first time mothers are distressed by their experience. Some women, with a small percentage of their partners, even suffer from Post-Partum Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My own birthing experience with my twins was a wonderful and fulfilling one, and this inspired me to help mothers look forward to their own amazing hypnobirth experience as well.

You probably don’t know this, but there’s more to Hypnobirthing than just having a pain-free labor and delivery. Here are five little-known advantage of Hypnobirthing that you should contemplate on.

Calm Baby

One of the wonderful advantages of hypnobirth babies is their calm demeanor. Mothers who are not overstrained bring forth babies who are not stressed as well. An online survey revealed that about 92% of hypnobirth babies are calmer as compared to just 78% of babies whose mothers had an epidural. Since they are more alert, they’re easier to feed and consequently, are also happier and more content.

Bonding With Partner

There’s no better way to spend moments together than to prepare and bond over your baby’s much-anticipated arrival. Couples who choose hypnobirthing grow closer as fathers are able to understand better what their partners are going through, physically and emotionally. In the same way, the moms are also less stressed and are able to focus on taking care of themselves and finding joy in preparing for the big day.

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Better Breathing

Some women may experience panic attacks during the course of their pregnancy. Overthinking and being scared of giving birth and labor pains can cause these panic attacks and shortness of breath. The hypnobirthing method has tools and breathing techniques that can conquer these panic attacks, resulting to a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy.

After pregnancy, these relaxation and breathing techniques can have a good effect on your health as well. Breathing the proper way leads to a healthier immune system and better digestion. This childbirth method is definitely a good choice, not just for you, but the entire family as well.

Bonding with Baby

Oh, what joy it is to cradle your child in your arms. But did you know that you can form a special bond with your unborn child as well? Well, yes you can. This is the perfect time to develop a wonderful connection with your baby and birthing companion.

Instant Relaxation for Life

The skills you learned to be relaxed and calm during pregnancy can be carried over even after you give birth. As mentioned, mothers who choose Hypnobirthing are less likely to experience Post Partum Depression. In life, you can be more harmonious as you use these skills and relaxation techniques whenever you are feeling stressed and troubled.

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