Hypnobirthing Is Ideal

4 Reasons Why Hypnobirthing Is Ideal

Childbirth is painful. This is the notion shared often (and the most) by women who experience induced or natural childbirth.

In fact, birth-keepers of the world are divided on importance of pain during giving birth. Some think pain should exist while others prefer choosing the natural way, without any medical intervention. Would you believe if we were to offer a pain-free, drug-free and natural childbirth method?

A unique antenatal program developed by Marie Mongan, Hypnobirthing teaches expecting women simple yet specific relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. These techniques if followed during labor assist in many ways – promising a gentle and pain-free birth. Other reasons you should consider taking hypnobirthing classes in preparation for childbirth are:

Our Hypnobirthing Program – Why You Should Consider It

It’s important to remember that hypnobirthing classes and programs aren’t about ‘training mothers to give birth’.

Women experiencing labor already know instinctively what they need to do, when undisturbed. Instead, this incredible process helps get rid of the fear that usually accompanies childbirth – fear of pain and anxiety. Hypnobirthing allows our bodies and minds to relax so we are able to give birth, gently and peacefully.

Additionally, this process:

Helps Birthing Muscles during Labor

Helps Birthing Muscles During Labor

Our birthing muscles go into overdrive during labor. They are also affected by the state of our mind and body, i.e. they don’t work effectively if there is fear present and vice versa. Hypnobirthing helps our birthing muscles to work effectively, opening the cervix by using relaxation techniques. Use of natural ways to release oxytocin is encouraged through these relaxation techniques.

Useful Even If Medical Assistance Is Needed

Sometimes medical intervention is required during childbirths in the form of slight assistance. Using hypnobirthing techniques during this ordeal will reduce dangers to the mother and baby. A calm and relaxed environment is also created which reduces recovery time for the mother.

This leaves them more energized, connected and alert afterwards due to endorphins release. Additionally, babies born under non-traumatic situations sleep and feel better.

Self-Hypnosis Skills Can Be Used For Other Stressful Situations

Women face numerous stressful situations throughout their life, at the workplace, navigating through traffic or in your home. Not only can hypnobirthing help you relax and prepare for the next day but women are in full control of their own bodies. Just like meditation, this skill helps managed stress and anxiety in a better way.

Significantly Reduces Post-Partum Depression

Mothers who chose hypnobirthing techniques online showed greatly reduced post-partum depression after giving birth. This is because hypnobirthing allows mothers to stay in touch with their mind and body.

Natural birth was the order of the day centuries ago. Mothers are bringing it back by choosing hypnobirthing, a process that promises pain-free and drug-free childbirth. What are you waiting for? Learn more about Hypnobirthing.

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