COVID 19: Hypnobirthing - the Most Relevant Childbirth Course

During Coronavirus, Hypnobirthing is the best choice for childbirth classes. Royalty and Celebrities are endorsing Hypnobirthing, as their proven method for a safe, easy, calm, and comfortable birth, during this crisis.

Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course is a complete childbirth preparation course. It will give you the knowledge and the practical tools you need to get through this – and have the most positive birth possible, during this global pandemic.

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing Hub

These are just a few mind-blowing, eye-opening statistics from mothers using hypnobirthing techniques from our online natural birthing classes. Hypnobirthing Hub focuses on specialized prenatal classes, to create deep pregnancy relaxation.

Had no pain medication
at all
Felt their childbirth was
truly amazing
Felt they overcame their
fears and anxiety
  • Full access to specialized prenatal classes that create deep pregnancy relaxation
  • A comprehensive birth education course that prepares you to become empowered and make the best choices, no matter what turn your birth takes.
  • Quick and easy to follow techniques that can be mastered in 15 hours.

Even if your birth has a change of plans and you need necessary medical intervention, Hypnobirthing enables you to remain calm, confident and help you make the best possible choice.

Hypnobirthing for Caesarean birth is growing in popularity, as it gives you access to tools that enable you to remain calm and present at your birth while increasing bonding with your baby.

Meet Kathryn Clark: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


You can have a serene birth that’s free from pain as well. Our Founder and Director, Kathryn Clark, has developed the unique, highly effective Hypnobirthing Hub Program following the inspiring birth of her hypnobirthing twins eight years ago. Kathryn, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor and Educator, is passionate about empowering women around the world to have the best birth experience.


Best Natural Birthing Classes Online

As a society, we have been exposed to the sad truth that pain comes with giving birth. This fuels the fear, activating our “flight or fight” instincts. When our body is in that stressed state, it releases hormones that make the heart beat faster, and interferes with the natural labor process.

Severe pain does not have to be synonymous with childbirth. The concept of hypnobirthing teaches you to remove that fear and anxiety that will prevent you from having a wonderful birthing experience. For thousands of years, women from around the globe have tapped into natural birthing, letting their bodies function as nature intended them to.

By learning hypnosis for pregnancy, mothers relax deeply, with fear and anxiety quickly removed. These learnt skills are easily transferred to create hypnotherapy in labor. The consistent result is a pain free and calm birth for mothers and babies.

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